Guitar Sounds Good

Published On: 2012-04-21

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'Guitar Sounds Good'

Source: Harneet Singh

Hrithik Roshan on haircuts, getting bullied on set and Preity Zinta

How do you react when people call you Jadoo?

I don’t really know what they mean by calling me Jadoo. I think it’s the magic of the movie that has really worked. It’s astounding that I am the same actor who was written off by the critics before the film’s release and then was given the best actor award by the critics themselves. This reflects the precariousness of an actor’s career. We are mere puppets in the hands of a director.

In Koi... Mil Gaya, you appealed to children and now in Lakshya, you are wooing the youth.

I think everyone will have something to identify with in Lakshya. Children will realize that there will come a point in their lives when they will be at the crossroads. The youth will wonder, like my character Karan Shergill, what to do with the rampant globalization and too many career options. Even I have been where Karan was, but thankfully I’ve passed that stage.

You mentioned Koi’s Rohit excited you so much you couldn’t sit and talk about him. Does Karan of Lakshya do the same for you?

In Karan’s case, the excitement is of a different kind. While shooting for Lakshya, I faced physical hardship. It wasn’t easy shooting for the film.

You wanted to kill your director Farhan Akhtar, didn’t you?

There were times when I wanted to strangle both Ritesh (Sidhwani) and Farhan. Some days were very exhausting. But the journey was well worth it. Farhan’s made me look good and has given the character larger-than-life proportions.

Since Farhan is a day older than you, he could bully you, right?

He is exactly a day older and you are right, he took a lot of advantage of this fact. When I used to crib, he used to say, “I am a day older to you, so do as I say.”

You have three haircuts in Lakshya: the goofy-confused look, the IMA cut and the Army crew cut. Which is your favourite?

I like the goofy look. It really works for the character. There’s something very Jugheady about it. It suggests that Karan is a guy who will get up in the morning and go to his friend’s place without brushing his teeth.

This is your third film with Preity Zinta. The comfort level is evident on screen.

I’ve always felt more comfortable with Preity than with any other actress. She has no ego issues, doesn’t have an attitude, and is very positive. That really works for me.

Won’t you be jobless after Lakshya?

I don’t think so. I am listening to narrations every day. I can green light a project even today. I will do less work, but there is no restriction that I will do only one film a year. I’m waiting for the right script.

Is there any hobby you want to pick up in the meantime?

I am working on learning a new art. Guitar sounds good; maybe I’ll take that up.

And when will you turn to directing movies as well?

I am happier acting and hope to continue with it for the rest of my life. But I admit that a part of me is excited about the thought of directing. I did assist my dad, Rakesh Roshan, for six years. Personally, I think I need to live some more and gain more maturity before I take the plunge.

Finally, please set the record straight. Will there be a sequel to Koi...?

If you want a yes or no answer, then it’s a no. Right now nothing is decided. Dad has three or four ideas, but one doesn’t know which one will materialize. The talk about a sequel started as a mazaak (joke). There was an idea, but nothing has been done to further it.