Playing the supermom!

Published On: 2013-04-25

Author: Khalid Mohamed

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Playing the supermom



Source: Hindustan Times 

Date: May 13, 2006 



If the Roshans are in the vanguard today, it is because of the combative spirit, the patience and the pragmatism of Pramila Roshan aka Pinkie. Khalid Mohamed chats up the Roshans individually, spontaneously.. here they are in the first take and first person. 



Pinkie Roshan (The mother) 


Like every mother, I have tried to be my children’s buddy. In my daughter, Sunaina , I see so much of my husband, they’re so alike – even in little ways like leaving their toothpaste tube all squishy and open. Sunaina married much too young, she was hardly 20. She met a boy whom she liked, we wanted her to be happy. She’ gone through a tough time, she separated, she toughened up and is now a single mother. Like her dad, she’s a fighter. I worry to death about Sunaina and Hrithik (Duggu). Maybe my mind is so preoccupied with how they are?..where they are?..what are they doing?..that I can’t even solve a simple crossword puzzle. I took care not to spoil Duggu. His dad whacked him once when he was a kid..if Duggu was up to mischief, I’d lock him up in the bathroom..he’d throw everything down from the shelves..I’d have to let him out in five minutes. My role in life has been that of Mummy Roshan. I got married when I was 17, my dad (filmmaker J Om Prakash) had gone over to the Roshans with the proposal. I had insisted that I wanted a very good looking husband and I got him. Sunaina was born a year later and two years afte that, Dugu.The first word Sunaina uttered was “Omji”..Dugu’s first word was “Dida”, he was very close to his grandma. The toughest time we’ve gone through was soon after the release of Kaho Na Pyaar Hai ..he (Rakesh Roshan) was shot, he was in hospital, there was too much happening. We survived those days. Sussanne, I loved her, Duggu’s and hers was a dream wedding anniversary in Bangalore. Of course, the best gifts my kid have given me are my grandchildren. Grandma has it cool actually, she can enjoy the kids without that mountain of responsibility. I’m there when I’m needed. I do get all teary when I’m given a ruby bangle on my 36th wedding anniversary. Or I’m gifted his cape from Krrish …and I do wish he’d stopping losing his cell phone really..he’s always doing that. See, there I go again..worrying. But that’s why perhaps they call me a worrier. 



Hrithik Roshan (Son) 


She takes on everyone’s stress, piles them on herself, sits down and makes life miserable.. till I come and rescue her. Ha! The last time was three months ago. She’s like computer, every three months you have to empty the trash can! The last time I saw her at he happiest was when she returned home after watching Dhoom 2 for the 26th time! She likes me in every film I do..that’s the thing with moms, they can’t be objective. If she had chosen to be a working woman? If she ever had the inclination, she could make for great on-screen mother..she has the face for it..you should see he photographs during the days when dad was courting her. In her beauty lasts forever. She has taught me humility. She likes giving me books to know more, learn more.. recently she gave me the Same Soul Many Bodies series by Dr Brian Weiss.And I got her the New Earth series by Eckhart Tolle. She’s been my confidante. When I had my first pint of beer in Bangalore, I phoned to ask her, it that was okay..so I could be guilt free. I’d really, really, really like to gift her a bungalow close to the sea. She has given her entire life to us – it’s time she lived life to the fullest for herself. I want her to do anything and everything that makes her happy. This is what I keep telling her –that if it’s expensive her children can afford it. If it’s difficult, we’re here to support it. So what’s the problem! 



Sussanne Roshan (Daughter-in-law) 


Our families have been close, we’d go to Kashmir for holidays, so I’ve know mom-in-law eve since Iwas a baby. I first "seriously seriously" met Duggu on January 13, 1995. We wanted to hide the fact that we were dating from our parents.. our siblings knew, but not our parents. Relationshipswere kept a bit hidden those days, dating didn’t happen as openly as it does today. Duggu would call me from the location of Koyla where hewas assisting his dad.. he wanted to stand on his own feet. Ma-in-law and I hit off. She’s Libran born on October 22..I’m just four days apart, a Scorpio on October 26.When he first told he about me, she reminded him that I’m the daughter of a family friend, that I would be very special. We do fight like cats and dogs ove things like the household staff, we have our sulking spells but they don’t last beyond two days. Dad-in-law or mom-in-law? Umm, mom-in-law because there’s a comfort level like there is with my own mom. Dad-in-law’s a bit reserved and gets chatty only if he’s had a couple of champagnes. I’ve seen mom-in-law at the most vulnerable when she was looking after Sunaina in hospital. What if mom-in-law had been working woman? Shewould have been India’s answer to Oprah Winfrey. And if I had to tell her something special today it would be – mom do stop worrying about your kids..be very very happy. 



Sunaina Roshan (Daughter) 


Ma used to lose her cool, I would bear the brunt of it. She doesn’t like to see any of us unorganised.. she’s more hype than dad when it comes to me. She worries whether my daughter has gone to school in time, whether Hrehaan (Hrithik’ son) has gone to bed, her stress level is higher than any of us. Mom’s a friend, dad’s a father. I’ve seen mom at her most vulnerable when I was in hospital four years ago..because of a serious backillness..no one was sure if I would survive. She made me live, grab life again.I saw dad cry and she was holding him, preventing him from losing hope. She’s a tremendous cook, famous for her cheese cake. She looks best in a sari, whether it’s chiffon or embroidered. If she had been a working person, she would certainly have been in fashion designing. Mom can be quite a disciplinarian. I may have been 29 then, I had separated from my husband., I’d gone out with a friend promising to be home by midnight.. I got back at 4 am. She was there at the door waiting and gave me a tight slap across the face..slap, slap, slap. I needed that reality check.