Hrithik : I am not doing a sequel to Metro

Published On: 2013-05-05

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Hrithik : I am not doing a sequel to Metro



Source: Indiatimes 

Date: 14 Jul, 2007 



When you're away shooting in remote places for long schedules, you suddenly find a lot of stories about yourself doing the rounds when you manage to resurface. And that's exactly what Hrithik Roshan found out recently when he took time off from shooting for Ashutosh Gowarikar's Jodhaa Akbar in Karjat. The perfectionist actor, understandably, is totally immersed in his character in the period film and has stayed away from the media as far as possible. In fact, it is no secret that Ashutosh himself is very keen on keeping the media away from the sets in order to ensure nothing about the film is leaked out. When we met the actor at an event recently, he was quite surprised at being asked whether he was doing the sequel to Metro as reported recently. "I can't believe people are asking me whether I am doing the sequel to Metro ," he told us, not at all amused. "I mean why would I want to do that? I am not doing the sequel to Metro ." 


Unable to resist the urge, we decided to ask him about the rumoured item number he was supposed to be doing in Rakesh Roshan's next film Krrazy 4. Was that also the working of an over-worked imagination, we enquired. "That at least is my dad's film and I can understand the association," says Hrithik, evading an answer for now, "But I still don't understand where the news of me doing Metro 2 originated. There is absolutely no connection." Well, we hope this dude decides to clear more controversies once he's finished with Jodhaa Akbar . God knows, he's got plenty of them to shoot down by now!