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Published On: 2012-04-29

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Submitted By: Vanita

A: WB! Now tell me what is it that makes u HRITHIK? Not the stat, I don’t want to know about the films but the person, like what do you like, what’s your personal style, what kind of music do u like listening to?

Hr: Well about music, all kinds of music actually, I am very musically inclined right since I was a baby; growing up my Chacha, my uncle Rajesh Roshan use to compose music in the next room, so I have grown up hearing all kinds of music from classical to rock and pop. Erm what else was on the list?

A: What is your personal style like? Do you like chilling in jeans or do you like wearing…

Hr: Okay! Now that’s something I really don’t know about; that’s Fashion. I really don’t understand it.

A: Not really fashion, but what would you be comfortable wearing as a person?

Hr: Well, what I do like is I put my hand into the drawer and like take out the first thing that comes to my hand and I just match that to a pair of jeans or whatever I think goes along well with it and that’s my style for the day.

A: Basically you are a kind of chilled out guy. Anything goes!

Hr: I yeah...kind of…I couldn’t care less about it. Seriously!

A: How about your favorite food?

Hr: Oh! I love food so, of course I cant live without Indian food but I am a sucker for Italian, Chinese. Yeah that kind of food.

A: What’s your favorite Chinese dish?

Hr: I really don’t remember any names…haha…let me see if I can remember…err PathThai (what the hell is this? I have never heard of it) I think its Chinese…is it? No it’s Thai…it…oh I am sorry I made a mistake in that…its Thai…yeah I like Thai as well.

A: What do you do in a chill out mood cause obviously your life is pretty hectic.

Hr: Not currently that much, I am quite unemployed except quite the fact that I am doing Sahara Sangeet Awards.

A: Why do you say your ‘Unemployed’?

Hr: Well since I am not…what do you guys call it…on the floors right now…I am not shooting for any movies.

A: So your just taking time out really, its not unemployment.

Hr: Yeah but you know the breaks gone a bit too far now; I need a break from my break. So the timing for the Sangeet awards is just appropriate cause I got something to do that I am excited about.

A: Well let’s get back to my question…what do u like to do to chill out?

Hr: I don’t know…I probably would read a book or work out, go out with friends, just sit around at dinner. 

A: Talking about working out. I know this for a fact that there are a LOT of guys in the UK who want a body like yours. They want a Hrithik Roshan body.

Hr: WHY?

A: Cause I think its really cool

Hr: Really?…haha, Okay! 

A: What advice would you give to them? Like working out wise, eating healthy and stuff like that.

Hr: Well, this is very strange cause I don’t really consider myself as like…an icon to look up to, specially when it comes to physique or the body goes. I know I have been able to fool a lot of people with my films but the fact is that I look for a certain shoot/ schedule as I do cause I know that my body adapts to it easily. Like if I want to look as big and muscle as I did in KNPH as Raj in the second half, I thought of that way of being in a couple of months and then I did a KMG in which I lost about 12 kg of muscle, so basically my body is very adaptable; it adapts to whatever I wanna look like.

A: So what advice would you want to give them cause they really want to be like YOU!

Hr: Oh! Basics, workout, eat the right food and they know what to do. We all know what’s the right thing to do but it’s the will power that takes the beating. So just be strong and you know what’s the right thing to do and you’ll get there.

A: So lets hear a song now.

Hr: Okay! Lets hear ‘na tum jano na hum’ from KNPH…its one of my favorites.

A: WB! Hope you enjoyed that track. Now your father is a director, do you hope to follow in his tracks.

Hr: Not really, I hope not because directing is a very tough job. I am happy doing what I am doing and I hope that I never…you know…because of circumstances or because there is no other work that I am getting hafto slip into those shoes. Its really tough not just because its being the captain of the ship or giving expression to human behavior…its also about being a leader and motivating and controlling human beings, a unit of like 120 people. Its not easy.

A: Of course it is scary.

Hr: It is…believe me. I don’t know how my dad does it too.

A: But you have been in the production area for 4 years before you came into acting.

Hr: I have been an assistant. I sort of was a very bad assistant for the production side.

A: Why do you say that?

Hr: Cause I was just watching the actors all the time. Cause I think that’s what I wanted to do.

A: You’ve always wanted to do it?

Hr: I’ve always wanted to do it. I might have not had said it but it was always at the back of my mind that this is something that I think I will do.

A: Sounds really interesting. But before acting did you study economics? In Sydenham college in Bombay?

Hr: Yes I did! I did my commerce at Sydenham college.

A: So did you just study it for the sake because you already planned to go into acting.

Hr: I studied that cause up until then there was always a backup plan I needed to follow, to sort of educate myself, specialize in something other than acting. So that if I fall there will be something to fall back upon.

A: I doubt that was going to happen. I really do doubt.

Hr: Oh but I didn’t pursue that. I said to myself that if I have a safety net then my jump will not be that strong because I knew that if I fall I’ll still be safe so I wont give it my best.

A: I’ve got to stop u here cause we have to see a song.

Hr: Oh you are the boss here…as you say. We’ll be back.

A: Which song do you want to see?

Hr: Why don’t you choose?

A: Okay! I like the song from K3g…’Bole Chudiyan’

Hr: Oh Okay!

A: WB! I hope you enjoyed the track. Now I have to say its been great chilling and chatting and catching up with you.

Hr: I agree with you Amandeep, its been great.

A: So we should have you again some time.

Hr: Sure, let me know and I’ll be there.

A: Before we go let me ask you to give a message to all your UK fans out there.

Hr: Well there are so many things that I want to tell them, so many things that I feel. I think I’ll just accommodate them and say it all in 2 simple words as THANK YOU! Thank you for everything. Thank you very much for all the love and motivation. Thanks guys.

A: Lovely! There you have it guys Amandeep chilling with Hrithik Roshan on Star Stop.