I don't like being the centre of attraction

Published On: 2013-06-10

Author: Shubha Shetty-Saha

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'I don’t like being the centre of attraction' - Hrithik Roshan



Source: DNA India 

By: Shubha Shetty-Saha 

Date: February 02, 2008 



Actor Hrithik Roshan says it was a challenge to play Emperor in Jodhaa Akbar and confesses he absolutely loved working with co-star Aishwarya Rai.



He may be playing Emperor in his forthcoming film Jodhaa Akbar, but Hrithik Roshan insists he is anything but ‘Emperor-like’. 


“I’m basically a shy person, the kind who sits on the side and observes others. I’m not comfortable attracting attention to myself. Which is why playing Emperor, a character who is the centre of attraction all the time, was a huge challenge for me,” says the superstar. 



Ask him why then did he choose to do a role so different from the man he is in reality and he explains.


“It’s not really a conscious decision to do something which is not me, but it is perhaps my instinct to survive here. I like the fact that these challenges kind of question the fear in you and then you set out finding out if you are really capable of doing it.” 



Surprisingly, his ‘fear’ of the role didn’t push him to research the subject. 


“It’s a myth that I go about doing research for my roles. Once I know the character, it resonates within me. Rather than delving on how Akbar would have been, I tried concentrating on how I would have behaved under such circumstances,” he says. 



Tell him that he seems to have a rocking chemistry with Aishwarya Rai, earlier in Dhoom 2 and now in Jodhaa Akbar, and he is quick to say. 


“I would attribute it to the great friendship that we share and the respect that we have for each other. I would like to think that both of us are selfless actors and the goal for us is to come up with good cinema and not be selfish about one’s own performance. We both believe in that.”