I can't imagine my family without my sons

Published On: 2013-07-17

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I can’t imagine my family without my sons : Hrithik



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Date: May 27, 2008 



He has been laying low for some months now but all that is about to change and fans can expect Hrithik Roshan to make a comeback into the public eye. The Bollywood star is tipped to do a very sexy photo shoot for an underwear company, will start filming his new movie Kites in July and is ready to assume a role as the Mumbai IPL team’s lucky mascot. In an exclusive one-on-one with HT City this week, Hrithik said his absence from the public scene was due to his home life commitments. “My wife Suzanne needed me more than my professional commitments since my son Hridaan was due,” said Hrithik. “I had some tucked away time for my family. I had not been in the city (Mumbai) physically as well.”



Daddy dearest 


He has enjoyed the past months being a new dad, adding that life is “fantastic”. Hridaan is the couple's second child. “Being a father is absolutely wonderful. I can’t imagine my family without sons.” He said he named his second son, a name that means ‘one who gives from the heart’. "Being a father is absolutely wonderful. I can’t imagine my family without sons"The reserved star said he was not the type to seek publicity. “I talk when I have stuff to talk about not just for the sake of it. But for the sake of talking I just don’t feel the need”. His comments come at a time when other Bollywood stars are slanging it out in public, using their blogs and interviews to needle each other but the star refuse to comment on it. Hrithik’s absence from IPL matches has been most noticeable but, said the actor, he plans to attend the semi-finals. It does seem that the brand ambassador for the Mumbai IPL team is also the lucky mascot as his presence helped the team to victory after a series of defeats. 



Cheering Mumbai on 


“My full support is with them and they have played terrifically. I congratulated the Ambanis as soon as I was back,” said Hrithik. He also said he was happy for the team: “I love the (team) name. It’s the only title not trying to cater or is not influenced from the West. It’s not trying to be cool it’s a perfect blend of both the emotions, towards your city and towards your country.” Hrithik also spoke frankly about rumours that he had decided to stop doing intimate scenes in movies because his dad Rakesh Roshan did not like them. “That’s rubbish, I wonder where such news come from. If it’s the need of the script then I don’t have any reasons to be hesitant.” He is believed to be doing a kissing scene with costar Barbara Mori in Kites. He would not reveal anything more about the film. Commenting on the spat between Ambumani Ramados and the film industry over the Health Minister’s calls to ban smoking and drinking in movies and of course junk food and colas, Hrithik said: “the approach is irrational. One cannot put a full stop over things, moderate intake is never damaging. Addiction to something good is also bad.”