Boy Next Door

Published On: 2012-05-03

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Boy Next Door

Source: Samar Khan

BARELY HAD he touched down in Mumbai from Switzerland after what he describes as a ``dream schedule'' of Yash Chopra's ``Mujhse Dosti Karoge'', when a thousand different people and duties attracted his attention. The scarcity of time has become the biggest problem of this millennium's mega-stars. Not that Hrithik is complaining. But he is longing for quality time with his (uncomplaining) wife Susanne. Catching up with Hrithik after some months I find nothing has changed. He is still the boy next door who cannot understand what the fuss is all about.

Now the awards season is just over...

Now I feel, bas itna sa kiya, and I got so many awards ? I don't think I deserve all these awards. I want to get awards for a performance that takes me by surprise. Or at least those who watch me should be surprised. I think I got all these awards because I was the most popular actor in 2000.

Obviously the jury members thought you were not just popular but also good.

I'd like to ask just one member of the jury to stand up and say in front of the whole world that he thinks Hrithik Roshan deserved the best actor award over and above Shah Rukh Khan in ``Mohabbatein,'' Anil Kapoor in ``Pukar'' and Sanjay Dutt in ``Mission Kashmir.'' As an actor I think all these performances were better.

You're just being modest

No. I'm being honest. I know I was very good in ``Kaho Na Pyar Hai''. I know I deserved the award for best debut more than anyone else. And perhaps I also deserved the critics awards for ``Fiza,'' but not best actor.

Is it hard to turn down film-makers who make you impossible offers?

Not any more. I used to get nervous to say `no'. I think I've matured a bit now, so I can handle such situations much better.

I think the film industry and marriage have made you wiser!

Not really. We make acting and marriage sound like tough tasks that add lines to our face. The film industry is a wonderful place and marriage is great. In fact these things have made me more of a child. I'm always discovering new areas of excitement.

So life couldn't be better?

Life could always be better. It is human nature to be dissatisfied. I think of myself as extremely fortunate.

So when are you going to be a father?

Are you crazy? Let me grow up first.

In that case you'll have to wait all your life.

Yeah. I might as well let things be the way they are. I can't see myself as a father. Not for a long time. Meanwhile there's Shah Rukhs son Aryan to play with . He's the best kid in the world. I love the fact that he loves me so much.