Nobody is Perfect

Published On: 2012-05-04

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Nobody is Perfect

Source: Filmfare

He's a purr...fectionist in reel and real life. Whether it's an interview, a photo-shoot or a look for a film, Hrithik Roshan insists on getting it right. Today, the light-eyed sensation is on the sets of Sooraj Barjatya's Mein Prem Ki Deewani Hoon--trying out some tattoos on his arm while Sooraj watches closely. He won't rest easy till the tattoo man does a perfect job. Amidst all this noise and commotion, HR informs me that his hectic shooting schedules have made it impossible for him to prepare for his home production, Koi Mil Gaya. "There are so many demands on my time while I'm at home or on the sets," he sughs. "I've had to book a hotel room for privacy. That's help me go through the script without interruptions." That's Hrithik for you. Next, he invites me to drive home with him in his blue Mercedes. "This way, I can give you an uninterrupted one hour," he suggests. As he gets behind the wheel, I turn the mike on and ask:

Were you satisfied with your role in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham?

Absolutely. Rohan, the character I play in the film, and I are very similar. Just like me, he's been brought up with the right values, respects his parents and ultimately reunites the family.

How did it feel to work with actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan?

Oh, I was thrilled to stand in the same frame as them. It felt as if we were creating history. I fell in love with my role the moment Karan (Johar) narrated it. If he'd given me a choice, I'd still have chosen to play Rohan.

There was a lot of talk about tension between Shah Rukh Khan and you.

What nonsense. There was no tension between us. It was all created by the media. Shah Rukh Khan will always be a friend, an elder brother whom I'll look up to. He's seen me grow up. I was my dad's assistant during Karan Arjun and Koyla. So there's no question of any feeling of rivalry between us. I know for sure he likes me.

Sussanne and Gauri are great friends.

No, they aren't the best of friends. They know each other well. They move in the same circle. They have mutual friends. I respect both Gauri and Shah Rukh. Both of them have gone through a lot in life. Whatever they've achieved today has been on their own steam.

How different is it working in a multi-starrer compared to a solo-hero film?

I love multi-starrers. I had the time of my life doing K3G. The sets resembled a mela. The ambience was so picnic-like. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. In a solo hero film, there's no fun. You're all alone.

How was it working with Amitabh Bachchan?

He makes acting look so easy. He's such a great actor that when he's performing you can't take your eyes off him. He's so much into his character that he makes it easy for you to react. All your fears simply vanish. The first day I had to shoot with him, I was naturally excited. As I was about to leave home, my friends called to wish me good luck. When I reached the sets, everyone just converged on me to wish me luck too. It was almost as if I was going on the war front. I wasn't nervous to begin with. But seeing the reactions around, I started wondering why I wasn't feeling scared. That's when I became a little edgy. When the shot started, I got a grip on myself. There was no need to be nervous. After all, I was working with one of India's greatest actors. And he does half your job for you by just being so good. He inspires you to give your best.

How would you rate your performance in K3G?

Six-and-a-half out of ten. To be able to hold your own amidst such great performers is no mean thing. If you were to ask me about Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai, I'd give myself seven and a half. Since it was my debut film.

Which actors have influenced you?

In Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai, you can't see any influences. It's Hrithik Roshan through and through. But overall, I feel I'm influenced by Amitabh Bachchan and Raj Kapoor.

Is your home production Koi Mil Gaya based on science fiction?

Yes, that's true. It's a very, very big budget movie. We've hired Marc Colbe, who did the special effects for Jurassic Park, Independence Day and Swordfish and a stunt director from Australia. People are flying down to Mumbai for every schedule. You can imagine how big this film is from the fact that dad will go into a loss while making this film. But he's making something he feels so strongly about.

This is your second film with your dad. Have things changed between the two of you?

Frankly, there's no change. We've shot three ad films for Coke. We've been in touch constantly. But I know it's not going to be so easy. We'll have the same problems, the same arguments and discussions. But it'll be fun too. I've missed our arguments. I missed working with dad and chacha (Rajesh Roshan). Working with them gives me a high. Recently, when we had a music sitting with chacha, I got nostalgic about the Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai days. This time too there's the same excitement and passion about making a good product.

Apparently, your success has gone to your dad's head. True?

False. He's my father. Naturally, he's proud of me. Which parent isn't proud of his child? Obviously, he's happy for me. Yeah, he's affected by my success. If your son becomes a star overnight, wouldn't you react similarly? It's natural. My father has seen both success and failure. He is not the sort to get carried away by either.

Do you think your talent matches your stardom?

The media was responsible for making me a star. No, my talent doesn't match upto my stardom. When you become as big a star as I have, the talent to back it is vital. Sometimes, I feel my star status hampers my work. I don't get enough time to work on my characters, to read scripts. I need space to give a better shot. And that's not happening. Because my mind is scattered everywhere. It's busy with the frills and can't concentrate on the core issues. Five years down the line, I'll be more experienced. Perhaps then I'll be able to distance myself from my surroundings. Stardom cuts into my space. I know life will never be a cakewalk for me. Because one moment I'm sprinting and the next I get a cramp. Right now, I'm going through a cramp.

Will Amisha and you be able to recreate the Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai magic in Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage?

I've enjoyed doing the film. It's turning out to be a fun film. Let's wait and watch.

Apparently, Amisha and you have done a sensuous dance number for the film.

The script demands the dance. It's a mood-oriented and passionate number. If you share good vibes with your co-star, it's easier to do such a number. And the chemistry is visible on screen.

Are you comfortable doing such intimate numbers?

I don't know about anyone else, but I was cool while doing the song. There's no question of getting involved while doing such scenes. It's all so mechanical. A hundred eyes follow you on the sets. The only thing that's on your mind is whether you're looking good, have the right expression on your face and are lip-synching correctly. I'm still trying to find my bearings out here. I'm uneasy about getting the shot right. So there's no question of being affected by a song.

You're obsessed about being Mr Perfect. Abhishek Bachchan on the other hand feels there should be somthing raw about an actor.

He's right. There should be some rawness in an actor. If you're too perfect, you look artificial. Nobody's perfect. I'm a perfectionist but I'm aware of my flaws as an actor. And that's what goads me to fix them. I succeed 60 per cent of the time. The remaining 40 per cent is what makes me look real.

Are you a forgive-and-forget kind of a person?

I see everything in a positive manner. If someone wrongs me, I go out of my way to find out why he did so. I like to give everyone the benefit of doubt. For instance, I read somewhere that Bobby Deol had stated that he wasn't afraid of Hrithik Roshan. Why should he be? It sounded strange. Then I realised that he must have been provoked to make such a statement. And it was turned into a headline. The media has a tendency to sensationalise things.

It seems you congratulated Abhishek Bachchan for taking on the role of Chandrashekhar Azad in Priyadarshan's film.

Is he doing the film? I never called him up. I don't even know that he's doing such a film.

Which historical character would you like to play?

King Alexander of Macedonia. The name sounds so interesting, so was his journey.