Hrithik speaks about Kites

Published On: 2013-09-19

Author: Priyanka Sinha

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Hrithik speaks about Kites and his other projects



Source: Screen 

By: Priyanka Sinha 

Date: Feb 13, 2009 



Hrithik Roshan, taking a short break from the shooting of Kites, waxes eloquent about on-screen chemistry, co-star Barbara Mori and treading a different path. 



What’s the most special thing that you do for Barbara in the film Kites? 


I make her laugh… I can’t divulge anything else as the most special thing I do for her will give away the story. 



Are you anxious about Kites which has an international version and an Indian version? 


It is a story about an Indian boy and a Spanish girl, so there’s a smattering of Spanish and also English and of course, Hindi. I am very excited about Kites...it’s like my launch film all over again. It is not a very verbose film, so it will be very easy to understand. 



Since it is a multilingual film, could it be a stepping-stone to international projects? 


Yes, it is an appropriate vehicle to make an international foray. At present there are a lot of opportunities for Indian actors that could be explored but nothing specific that one could talk about at this point.



There have been reports of great on-screen chemistry with Barbara Mori. How did you bring that about because she’s a Mexican actor with different sensibilities and approach to acting… 


The sources of chemistry are the script and director. In Jodhaa Akbar and Dhoom:2, a lot was said about the chemistry between Aishwarya and me -the point is that two competent actors can do justice to the chemistry. If it’s there in the script, it will be there. 



What are you doing for Suzanne this Valentine? How are you juggling fatherhood with films and stardom? 


Actually, I will be shooting, so I hope Suzanne can make it to the sets so that we can spend time together. As for fatherhood, I don’t have to juggle at all—everything has just fallen in place. When there is love, one doesn’t have to make an effort, I guess. 



There have been films earlier with female foreign actors, so what’s different about Barbara in the film Kites? 


In Kites, Barbara is not just playing a character, she is the protagonist. The story revolves around her. 



Which directors would you like to work with in time to come? 


It really depends on the script, but apart from that I would love to work with Ashutosh Gowariker again and yes, Anurag Basu too. 



Your cameo in Luck By Chance was a departure from the kind of roles that you do. 


Yes I am very happy for Zoya and Farhan. I was anxious about doing the film because it wasn’t the usual role that I do, but I am glad that I did it. 



Which is your next film? 


After Kites, I start shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next. 



What’s going to be different in your forthcoming films? 


After each film, I want to do something different. Perhaps it is there in my subconscious and therefore it happens every time. So after Jodhaa Akbar I was doing Kites which is very different from all that I have done before and now there will be Mr Bhansali’s film.