Gatecrashers on Hrithik's birthday!

Published On: 2013-11-18

Author: Renuka Vyavahare

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Gatecrashers on Hrithik's birthday!



Source: Indiatimes 

Date: 09 Jan, 2010 

By: Renuka Vyavahare 



Hrithik Roshan's darling sister Sunaina is all set to drop in on the sets of Guzaarish along with her family to wish Hrithik a very happy birthday today! Oops did we just give away Sunaina's birthday surprise for bro Hrithik? Forgive us Sunaina but you actually did tell us, “Hrithik is busy shooting on 10th Jan for his film with Sanjay Leela Bhansali so the family has planned to drop in on his sets and make him cut his birthday cake.” But would Sanjay allow this? “I am quite gutsy and its his birthday”says Sunaina flashing a smile. Getting nostalgic Sunaina adds, “Hrithik is not just my brother but my best friend. He has guided, supported and inspired me. He is my pillar of strength. Though we may not talk to each other a lot these days since work keeps us busy, I know that Hrithik is just a phone call away.” “I remember as a kid, he was a total bully and we would have endless fights making our parents wonder if we were normal. Today, Hrithik has this smile on his face when he sees me happy and vice versa” says the proud sister. 


Speaking on the unseen side of Hrithik, Sunaina adds, “Hrithik's discipline amazes me. He loves chocolate but is satisfied by having just a bite of it to maintain his physique. He reaches for his shoots sharp on time and hates to break a commitment. While shooting for Jodhaa Akbar, he was invited to judge an internationally renowned beauty pageant but he turned it down as he had given a prior commitment to Ashu. He locks himself in a room and rehearses an intense scene even on his off day, even today. He doesn't take success for granted.” So what is Sunaina planning to gift Hrithik? “He is extremely choosy when it comes to gifts. Mom and I both think endlessly before we plan to buy anything for him” says Sunaina wishing Duggu a very happy birthday. She concludes by saying, “I rate Hrithik at par with Aamir Khan since he knows the technicalities of cinema along with acting. He has emerged a true winner in spite of the innumerable controversies that he gets dragged into unnecessarily.”