“I’m very passionate in love”

Published On: 2013-12-05

Author: Nazia Khan

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“I’m very passionate in love”



Source: Masala Magazine 

Date: April 3, 2010 

By: Nazia Khan 



Hrithik shares on-screen chemistry secrets, dancing tips, and more with Masala It’s my first time interviewing Hrithik Roshan, and I expect the star to be, well, star-like. And sure enough, when he enters the lobby of the Grosvenor House where we’re meeting, he’s wearing a star staple – dark sunglasses. But then he does something surprising; he takes the sunnies off (revealing those gorgeous light eyes), says “Hello” with an oh-so-warm smile, and proceeds to speak with so much genuine humility that we’re quite blown away. We asked Hrithik if he’s had any weird experiences with crazy fans, and he looks mildly upset. “There are no weird fan experiences. I see every fan interaction as a huge compliment. The smiles and love that I get from people are what make everything worth it.” So what else makes Hrithik Roshan tick? Read on to find out. 



How close is the character you play in ‘Kites’ (of a dance teacher) to you in real-life? 


Any creative exercise has to be a reflection of you. It’s how you interpret it. There’s a lot of me in the character I play in ‘Kites’. He’s very passionate in love and so am I. 



You’re an amazing dancer. What’s your tip for someone who wants to dance as well as you do? 


Just listen to the music and let yourself go. Unless you’re a professional dancer, dancing is not about looking good. It’s about enjoying yourself, about expressing yourself in the moment. The way I see it, there’s no such thing as a non-dancer. I think everyone can dance. You might think you look as foolish as a monkey while dancing, but if you’re enjoying yourself, I’ll be cheering for you. 



You and Barbari Mori look great together in the ‘Kites’ promos. What do you think is the secret to great on-screen chemistry? 


In ‘Kites’, it’s due to the brief of Anurag Basu (the director of ‘Kites’). He's a sensitive person who's making a very honest film. Also, Barbara comes from a world of spontaneity. She lets her spirit fly. Even Kangana (Ranaut), who’s in the movie, is a mountain girl. She has a sense of abandon and freedom about her. Barbara has a similar approach. I’ve been lucky to have their influence. 



Your fans in Dubai were expecting to see you at the Zee Dubai Mega Mela on Thursday (April 1). Why weren't you able to make it on the day? 


There was a miscommunication. As far as I knew I was going to be at the Mela on Friday (April 2) and Saturday (April 3). I was at the mela yesterday and I will be there today. 



You’ve had to put on weight and lose it for ‘Guzaarish’, and you’ve also talked about the many injuries you’ve sustained over the years. With all this, do you feel insecure about your body? 


Not insecure, but I am aware that it has taken a lot of beatings. My body has been really bruised and battered. So I am conscious that I have to be careful. My boys Hrehaan and Hridaan are two and four now. I want to be able to play football with them when they’re 16. 



Do your kids watch your movies? Are they aware of what you do? 


Hridaan is too young, but Hrehaan is becoming aware that his dad is different from other dads, that he seems more important than other dads. You know he has a Krrish doll that he plays with. I find that weird, my son playing with a doll of me! Sometimes, when I’m injured or tired and lying in bed, he looks at me almost suspiciously, and asks, “You are Krrish Daddy, aren’t you?” (Laughs) 



You’ve just made your singing debut in ‘Kites’. In the future, do you see yourself writing and directing like your dad Rakesh Roshan? 


No, I don’t. It takes a lot to be a director. I don’t have that kind of talent. You have to be a leader. There are so many things you have to do, from conceiving the project to inspiring it. Being an actor there’s more personal space. But I might change my mind. Never say never!