Hrithik on a roll

Published On: 2013-12-07

Author: Naureen Aquil

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Hrithik on a roll



Source: Entertainment, Gulf News 

Date: April 1, 2010 

By: Naureen Aquil 



Getting through to this man for an interview was a nightmare, but then when it's the drool-worthy Hrithik Roshan we can't help but admit it was worth the effort. The Koi Mil Gaya star will be in Dubai for the Zee Mega Mela where fans will be able to meet and interact with him. The actor will also sign autographs and participate in a fashion show. Roshan says he is excited about coming to Dubai. "This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with all my fans over here, interact with them, shake hands, sign autographs and relish the delicious food. It's going to be great fun," he says. The actor, however, is not new to this concept of a mela. He has participated in the in the UK before. So what is it that he enjoys the most in activities such as these? "People of course," he quips. "This way I get a chance to thank all the people out there. There are so many of them from all over and interacting with them is the part I enjoy the most." 



Plagued by rumours 


Roshan's professional life is rocking. His much talked-about film Kites is scheduled for release in May and is making news for both the wrong and the right reasons. The good thing is that the film is set to take Bollywood to a higher level. On the flip side, the actor's chemistry with his beautiful co-star is said to have created friction in his married life. There were also rumours that some passionate scenes which were believed to be integral to the movie were removed on the advice of Bret Ratner (Rush Hour series). The actor shrugs it off as mere rumours. "No, he (Ratner) was invited for the screening of the movie in Los Angeles. When my father (Rakesh Roshan) called and informed me that a guy called Bret Ratner was visiting I was shocked and said, ‘What! Bret Ratner, oh my goodness?'. He liked the movie and he is such a passionate guy," says Roshan. 



This film is also said to be his big ticket to Hollywood. So is the light-eyed hunk looking forward to some Hollywood roles after this? 


"It depends. There are scripts that I have been reading, but I haven't signed on, anything" he says. Roshan's best role till date was that of a mentally challenged boy in Koi Mil Gaya. He is set to play another challenging role of a paraplegic in Guzaarish. Known for his strict preparation and rehearsals we are curious to know how he prepared for this role. "Well, every film of mine is challenging - Koi Mil Gaya, Jodhaa Akbar, Kites and now Guzaarish. However, this was a space which was far away from the world I live in. It has an edge over all the others," he says. Not only that, the actor who is very disciplined about his diet and exercise had to reportedly put on a lot of weight for Guzaarish. How difficult could it have been to get into the character? "I had to give up my entire regime and let go of myself completely. I ate everything that I had refrained from for a very long time like batata vada, vada pav and all sorts of unhealthy food. It was like a picnic for me," says the actor. Unfortunately, the unhealthy ways took a toll on his health. "My doctor told me I was the most unhealthy guy and my body could not digest what I was eating. I had to jump off again to my routine as I had to shape up for the flashback in the second portion of the film. It was all so rapid that my body could not take it," he says Roshan has also been very active on Twitter of late, gushing about his lovely wife Sussanne and his films. Some stars feel it is a very effective medium to interact with fans. What about Roshan? "It is effective. Everybody does it… I do it when I need some feedback or to get something off my chest. It's great to be able to interact with 8,000 people at the same time, so it's effective," the actor says. The man is liked by millions around the world. When we got a little curious as to who is his role model. The actor said, "I am inspired by my father. He is a man who never tires, he stays focused all the time and is headstrong. He has been there for 45 years. He motivates me and sometimes gives me a nudge. I am blessed to have a father who has been an inspiration and motivation." 



And what about his favourite co-star? 


"I have been lucky to have worked with such talented co-stars like Preity Zinta in Koi Mil Gaya. My 50 per cent contribution in the film wouldn't have come out without her. Aishwarya Rai in three movies, a person without any ego, and now Barbara Mori, completely committed and knowing what acting is all about. It was a process of unlearning and having the right approach, and all the other people I've worked with," he says. So finally when he comes to Dubai, what is Roshan looking forward to? "I am looking forward to having a great time, meeting a lot of people and making the most of the hospitality I have been promised. And above all having a lot of fun.