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Rediff Chat with Hrithik



Date: May 7, 2010 

Duration: 1:30 – 2: 30 PM IST 



Hrithik: Hi. This is Hrithik Roshan, all set to answer your questions. 


Tatjana Musselman: Hi Duggu! Listened to your song "Kites in the Sky." WOW, beautiful singing!!! No need to be nervous; I am sure people will love it! So, are you going to continue singing in your movies from now on? I hope you do. Best of luck for KITES. Lots of love to you and your family. HOPE YOU REPLY, THANK YOU.

Hrithik: I truly enjoyed singing in the film, though I am not looking at it professionally. But thank you, and lots of love to you.



Hrithik: Thank you, Naina, sending you lots of love.


Kinnari Desai: Hi! Duggu. Looking back at "Kites" now, is there anything you feel could have been changed? Please reply. It was nice meeting you at the "LKD" shoot. Hope you remember me.

Hrithik: Well, we all put our best into Kites, and I am extremely proud of this one.


Vivek Jaiswal: Hello Sir.... wishing great success for your forthcoming film KITES. My question is, 'Do you think being Hrithik Roshan has helped you in changing someone's life or helping someone?'

Hrithik: Hi Vivek. It's always nice to know if my work inspires people and helps them manifest their dreams. I believe nothing is impossible. There is more to the world than what meets the eye. Sending you lots of love.


Sparsha: Hello Mr. Roshan I'm a big, big, big fan of yours. Well, I like your dedication towards your films. Well, I want to ask you, "What are your hobbies? And do you have enough time to enjoy your hobbies?" Please send me your self-autographed picture (:(:( please sir...Thanks

Hrithik: Hi Sparsha. I enjoy reading, music, physical sports, working out and acting, of course.


Arijit Sengupta: Hi Hrithik, how are you doing? First of all, wish you all the best for KITES. I am not a big Bollywood fan, but I really liked two of your movies where you were superb... FIZA and Jodha Akbar. Is there any possibility for Krrish 2? Please try to make the movie much darker and cynical. It will be much more interesting. Again best of luck for KITES.....it's going to break all records... Thanks.

Hrithik: Hi Arijit. Thank you. Will take your advice. Hope you like Kites. Sending you lots of love.


Ujjwal Tarun: Sir, do you think your role in Kites is the most difficult one in your career?

Hrithik: Hi Ujjwal. It was definitely one of the most challenging ones. It was about letting go, being in the moment, and enjoying the true flight of an actor.


Navaneetha Varier: Hi Hrithik... I'm your fan since the time I was four. You look fabulous in Krrish, and I still watch it whenever possible. How are you? Please say hello to me.

Hrithik: Hello Navaneetha. Thanks a ton. Sending you all my love.


Dawn Lang: Hi! Dawn again from Victoria, Canada! Remember the lighthouse where you shot the song sequence? So fun to think that you were in my hometown, and I didn't even know anything about Hindi films then....please come again!

Hrithik: Yes, Dawn. Of course I remember. Spent some of my best days there. Sending you lots of love.


Shilpi: Hi, This is Shilpi, and I just want to say best of luck for KITES and please let us know if you are planning to make Krish part 2 as my son is waiting for this movie.

Hrithik: Yes, Shilpi. Krish 2 is being worked upon. I will not disappoint your son. A big hug to him.


Janeman Jaan: Hello, I am from Jaipur (pink city), my name is Mohammed Imran. I like you and your acting and dance is very, very good. I hope your film Kites will super-hit this year, and you will need a lot of awards.

Hrithik: Thank you so much for your good wishes. Wish you the best as well.


Arushi Khapekar: Hi Hrithik, I like your dance very much. And I hope that your father will be making the 3rd part of Krrish. Really, I like both your movies. Can you please tell me your next coming movie after Kites? Another thing is that please remove your mustache; I am not liking this. You look very nice in your original face. And I hope that you will give my answer.

Hrithik: Hi Arushi. Well, the mustache is off, and the third part of Krrish is sure to take shape soon. A big hug to you.


Divya: Hi Hrithik! You seem to be sharing a very good on-screen chemistry with Barbara. We would like to hear your views on Barbara and Kites.

Hrithik: Hi Divya. I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with actresses like Barbara Mori and Kangana. Both are extremely spontaneous and come from the same school of thought. They helped me evolve into a better actor. Lots of love to you.


Sharia Greenwood: Hi Hrithik. I am an American who has recently gotten addicted to Bollywood movies and fallen in love with the Indian culture along the way. Every movie I watch you in is better than the last! I think you are a fantastic actor. You jump off the screen and make your characters seem like real people. Sometimes when speaking on the phone, I can "hear" the person on the other end smile at me because they project their happiness through the phone. Your acting is like that. Your feelings can be seen in your eyes, pure and unjaded. That is what so many Hollywood actors are missing today. I hope you never lose that. I look forward to seeing you in many more movies, no matter if they are Bollywood or Hollywood!

Hrithik: Thank you, Sharia. I believe what you create is only a reflection of what lies inside you. Thank you so much for motivating me. Sending you lots of love.


Jaya Trivedi: Namaste, it's me Jaya. I'm your fan since I saw your debut film KNPH. You're a great and good dancer too. I just have a simple question: to whom or from where have you learned dancing? It's amazing to see such good dance. According to me, there is no one in Bollywood who can supersede you... I pray to God that you should achieve success in every phase of your life. All the best for your upcoming film. Goodbye.

Hrithik: Hi Jaya. Dance is just an expression of the celebration you feel inside. I respect a dancer who does not care about looking stupid and dances for the sheer pleasure of expression.


Sanskriti Jain: Hello Sir!! Which do you feel was your most difficult role (onscreen)?

Hrithik: Hi Sanskriti. Inevitably, the most difficult has also been the most exciting. All the films with Koi Mil Gaya and post that have been milestones in my personal growth.


Gopal: Hi Hrithik, I am not your biggest fan, BUT of course, one of your smallest fans because I am not 18, so I come under the small category. I just want to ask you, how do you keep your body fit and muscular from your first film to today? It's cool... Can you please give some tips? Even I want to be like you and look like you. Please, please, please!!!

Hrithik: Hi Gopal. Deep inside, we all know what to do. Listen to the voice of the angel and never give up. Respect your body. The rest will follow.


Dawn Lang: What, to you, is the noblest thing we can do as human beings?

Hrithik: Hi Dawn. Always give the benefit of doubt. Do not go on hearsay. Forgive quickly. And spread love, no matter what.


Dhanasekar Dhanasekar: Hai Hrithik, this is Dhana from Dubai. Your dance style is very super. Who is your dance master?

Hrithik: Hi Dhanasekar. Well, I've had many masters, but the one I listen to most is my instincts.


Silpa Dhulipala: Can you tell me the unforgettable moment in your life?

Hrithik: Hi Silpa. Inevitably, when you look back at life, the moments that truly matter are the moments of love. And I have had many.


Yogender Sharma: Wah Hrithik, what's a style? If you really interact with your fans, then reply to all your fans' comments except me. I always appreciate your work, but I am not your fan. All the best, dear, and try to understand your fans' feelings.

Hrithik: Hi Yogender. I will try to do better for you. Big hug to you.


Navaneetha Varier: Hi Hrithik, I'm your fan since the time I was four. You look fabulous in Krrish, and I still watch it whenever possible. How are you? Please say hello to me.

Hrithik: Hello Navaneetha, sending you all my love.


Deepak: Hi Hrithik, I'm the biggest fan of you and Aishwarya, especially after Jodha Akbar. Please, release your films a bit sooner, and best of luck for Kites. Making your fans wait this long is not right.

Hrithik: Hi Deepak. I love working with Ash too. This year, two of my films will be released – Kites and Guzaarish. Hope you like them both.


Farihan Ahmed: Hiiiiii, ANGEL OF EARTH HRITHIK ROSHAN, I'm an Egyptian girl who's following you always on too many websites. I don't know why I'm unlucky with you. Please give me my hope. It's depending on you just to have any contact with you. Please don't disappoint me.

Hrithik: Hi Farihaan. Thank you for your generous words. You can interact with me on Twitter. I am @ihrithik and on Rediff's My Page: rediff.com/hrithikroshan. Love you too. Sending you a big hug.


Gunjan: Hi... I'm a big fan of yours. I love your dance, flexibility, body, face, and everything about you. Please reply.

Hrithik: Hi Gunjan. Love to you.


Anaghachitade: Hey Hrithik, why don't you try a film with Katrina or Deepika?

Hrithik: Hi there. I'm working with Katrina in my next film and look forward to working with Deepika in the future as well. Both very talented actresses.


Ambrin: Did you choreograph it for Kangana?

Hrithik: Hi Ambrin. Kangana is a wonderful dancer, but the song was choreographed by Flexy Stu from the UK.


Hrithik: It's been fun chatting with you. Time to go now. Hope you all enjoy two and a half years of my life and soul called Kites. But before I go, there'll be a contest on Rediff where you'll get a chance to meet with you.