Hrithik believes in the power of 'us'

Published On: 2013-12-30

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Hrithik believes in the power of 'us'



Source: DNA India 

Date: June 5, 2010 



On World Environment Day, the actor says the only way to save planet Earth is through oneness and unity among the inhabitants "What have we done to the world, Look what we've done…" These lines from the Michael Jackson single Earth Song resonate the feeling of many socially-conscious people across the world, one of them being actor Hrithik Roshan. On World Environment Day, Hrithik urges everyone to think that the universe is one entity — that's the way he believes that the Earth can be saved from destruction. He says, "You will realise that everything has you in it and thus the harm you cause to the environment will only affect you in return. You will realise that life is but a balance and if you disturb that balance, it will impact you. The moment this truth is attained, life is simple." Hrithik adds, "We are facing a grave situation with more and more of an environmental crisis creeping in. Spirituality can surely be a healer if everyone looks at life from the one true perspective. If we destroy Earth, we will be destroyed as we live in it. There is no escaping this. It's like a chain reaction that cannot be stopped. So, if we love the Earth and think it to be ours, we should start thinking that we are only causing harm to ourselves and the only person who can make a difference is us. We are the key to our own survival. It is high time we see this truth," he ends.