Why Hrithik loves Dubai

Published On: 2014-01-22

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In town to promote Guzaarish the star tells us why he loves the city



Source: Masala Magazine 

Date: November 11, 2010 



In his white shirt, jeans and shoes that had sand on it (wonder if he had gone for a sand boarding bout before he met us), Hrithik looked as much the guy-next-door. Not one to throw starry attitude at anyone it was a pleasure to talk to the superstar. As we settled down for an interview with him, he told us everything about his Dubai experience. 



On shopping: 

“I tried to shop in Dubai once but there was too much love all around me. People came and asked for photographs and pictures. So much of my time went in that. But shopping is something I’d definitely like to do here.” 


Favourite restaurant: 

“I can’t point out one. I love the food here in general.” 



Most memorable trip to Dubai: 

“When I first came here to learn snowboarding, that was really memorable. It was a whole different experience. Complete indoor fun.” 


Three things that come to your mind when you think of Dubai: 

“Food, space and people – especially the people. They are warm, welcoming and very loving.” 


One thing that brings you again and again to Dubai: 

“Snowboarding, definitely!” 


On Dubai fashion: 

“Honestly, I’m quite clueless. This is something I leave up to my mum and my wife.”