I'm not foolish to pitch myself against Big B

Published On: 2014-02-12

Author: Priya Sugathan

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I’m not foolish to pitch myself against Mr Bachchan: Hrithik Roshan



Source: DNA India 

Date: Dec 13, 2010

By: Priya Sugathan 



The year threatened to get from bad to worse for actor Hrithik Roshan — films flopping, controversies and health problems, but a nuanced performance in Guzaarish has seen him on a renewed high. The sense of wonder is back in his voice (clearly struggling to keep his excitement in check), when he calls it his ‘best year’ in a decade-old career. Excerpts from his chat with DNA. 



‘Bollywood’s not all rivalry’ 


I’m at a loss…praise (for his last performance) coming from such a wide spectrum of people — newcomers, contemporaries, seniors…It’s such a perfect case in point for those who believe that the industry’s only about rivalry. The complete abandon of joy that Shah Rukh (Khan) expressed in his house after watching the film says a lot of the kind of relationships that exists in our industry. It’s wonderful! 



‘No hits, no complaints’ 


Kites is an unsuccessful film. It was my idea — I was naive in trying to break the language barrier. But for a film like Guzaarish, it’s not possible to ascertain the eventual box office, for such films there is a whole spectrum of territories to be exploited around the globe. So it’s too early and unfair to judge right now. Having said that, I should be ashamed of myself if I complain…It’s the best year as far as my work is concerned, and I should be celebrating! 



‘I’m not stepping into Bachchan’s shoes’ 


When I was offered Agneepath, I reacted to a character that’s absolutely new for me. Once the subject resonates, my decision is made, and then I’m not afraid of my vision.But there’s no way in hell that I’m going to be as silly, as foolish, as stupid, ridiculous and preposterous (I can use 10,000 more words) to pitch myself against Mr. Bachchan’s Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. The script is completely reworked on, it’s a much, much younger character, which decides the trajectory of the story differently. 



‘I want to surprise Sussanne’ 


This year is actually the start of my second decade and I still feel like a newcomer though!It’s also ten years of my marriage (Dec 20)…Well, what can I say? I’ve planned something to surprise Suzanne with, and I hope that goes well...