Hrithik goes weak-kneed

Published On: 2014-03-07

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Hrithik goes weak-kneed


Source: DNA
Date: 19th November, 2010

What is actor Hrithik Roshan's weakest point? His right knee joint! According to his doctors, the actor's right knee joint has become so weak that any more injury will bring the star's dancing to a stand-still!

Hrithik, self-admittedly, is constantly in fear of hurting his knee all over again and has become quite phobic about it. "The fear is there all the time. When I am shooting, I fear that something might go wrong and I will hurt my knees again. But I can't let that fear bog me down as an actor. I will have to do what I have to do," he says.

Hrithik's career had almost come to a stand-still when he suffered a knee injury for the first time on the sets of his super-hero movie Krrish in 2006. It came to a point when the doctors had told the star that he would never be able to dance at all. For the dancing star, not being able to dance was unthinkable, and brought up a grim scenario for him.

What followed were months of physiotherapy and treatment in Singapore, which put Hrithik back on his feet again. Today the actor says that however deep his fears may be, he will go back to doing action sequences again in the sequel to Krrish, and ensure that he performs them even better.

"When you are shooting action sequences, there is always an amount of risk involved but that doesn't mean that one can afford to shy away from it. The action sequences will be bigger and better this time in Krrish3 for sure. I am a fighter and I will always be one. The injuries have been great learning experiences for me, and they have made me more conscious. But I am not going to compromise on anything when it comes to shooting a scene," he says.

But it's not just when he's an actor that Hrithik gets conscious about his injuries, he has to be extra careful even as a father to two growing boys. "I play with my kids a lot, and have a great time. Hridaan moves like a dart. And I've to be careful to not end up hurting my knee as both my boys are quite big now," says the doting father.