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Published On: 2014-03-10

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I was stunned when I saw my wax figure!


Source: Mid-Day
Date: 20th November, 2010

Hrithik Roshan has flown his entire family to London for the unveiling of his wax figure at Madame Tussauds today.

Speaking from London yesterday, he notes, "It's been a crazy time with so much happening. The people at Madame Tussauds took me through a rehearsal of the whole event including introducing me to the other 'me'. I was stunned when I saw my wax figure! I could hear him telling me 'Dude I am better than you!" We will be all entering through the back door as the milling crowds stand there until the figure is unveiled."

Talking about his historic entry (the fifth B-Town star after Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Salman Khan) he says, "I am thrilled that my entire family is with me sharing this wonderful moment. More than the wax figure it's a matter of emotions and pride that my family is there to see all this today. It is made of up what I have received from my parents, grandparents, sister and wife. They have made me what I am. I dedicate this award to my family."

Sharing a memory HR talks about the first time he visited Madam Tussauds when he was a child. "I was nine years old, holidaying in London with my family when my grandfather (J Om Prakash) and I went to Madame Tussauds. We had to stand in line for 45 minutes and while I was jumping up and down with impatient excitement, my grandfather waited patiently. I even told him that we should go and come back the next day but my grandfather waited till we could enter Madame Tussauds. Today I feel he's like that excited child I was."

Adds Duggu, "The bigger prize is not the wax figure but the effect this moment is going to have for my entire family. It's a very special moment for me.It's a moment that won't change my life drastically. Life goes on but the wax figure is for posterity for my children."