Hrithik reveals his V-day plans

Published On: 2014-03-20

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Hrithik reveals his V-day plans



Source: TOI 

Date: Jan 12, 2011 


This Valentine's Day, like every year, is going to be very special for Hrithik Roshan. The superstar has his day chalked out for family and children and most importantly he is looking to surprise Sussanne. "I really put in an effort when I buy gifts. I believe in giving my wife meaningful things that can bring a smile on her face. Which woman doesn't like receiving gifts from her man? Not just Sussanne, even if I'm gifting something to anyone be it my parents, children or close friends, I make sure the gift is special," Hrithik told TOI. Ask him to reveal his best moment of romance and he shoots, "It is definitely the day I said the three big words to Sussanne. It took her by surprise. I don't really have great memories of Valentine's Day as I was a shy kid and never really got the courage to walk up to the girl I liked and talk to her, forget asking her out." 


Now, this really surprises us as Hrithik has been making girls go weak in their knees for the longest time. "I became confident as I grew up. But it surely feels great getting all the attention. It is a huge compliment. I don't think today being married changes anything. Marriage makes people sexier," he says. For Hrithik, love is like oxygen that he can never do without. "I'm an incurable romantic. I love the concept of being in love with one person throughout my life and I'm blessed to have Sussanne and on Valentine's Day, I renew my vows of being with her, loving her and be her bouncing board all my life. I believe that little things make the biggest difference to a relationship. I'm a very passionate person. For me, Valentine's Day is more than just the conventional man-woman relationship. It's about love for family, for children and for people around me. I thank my fans for the love they have been showering on me and I promise to give back as much as I can."