Hrithik's double role

Published On: 2014-04-01

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Hrithik's double role



Source: HT 

Date: Feb 28, 2011 



Despite chest injury, actor juggles between shooting for Karan Johar's Agneepath and performing at an award show, all within a day Hrithik Roshan landed back in Mumbai on Friday night after yet another dance stint. This time, it was off shore in Macau at the Star Parivaar Awards, where the star was seen performing. His act was followed by an official announcement of his dance reality show on the channel, Just Dance. However, the actor was given less than 24 hours to rehearse for his performance at The Venetian last week. Roshan was shooting in Mumbai for Agneepath, while his chest was recovering from a muscle pull that he had suffered while shooting the promo of his telly debut. 


A source close to the actor on condition of anonymity informs that he was doubtful as to how he would juggle his shoot and the award show. “He loves dancing. He's extremely passionate about the show and is willing to give his 200 per cent for it. The channel wasn't pushing him too hard, but really wanted him to be present at their award show,“ adds the source. The Guzaarish star packed up a great show with less than a day left before the actual show. He had to dance to a medley of his most popular hits. Earlier this month, while shooting for the promo of Just Dance, Roshan had suffered an injury, but the actor continued to rehearse and shoot for the promo for 17 hours at a stretch. “He hasn't recovered completely yet. But he didn't let anyone down and got the loudest applause from the audience,“ says the source. 


When contacted, Roshan admits he hasn't completely recovered from his previous injury, although he thoroughly enjoyed dancing. “Even at the Mumbai press event for the show, I wasn't allowed to dance because it could have worsened the injury since it was too fresh then. But since I felt a little better last week, I decided to do my two bits for the show,“ he says. “Thankfully, it went off well, despite little time on hand to rehearse. I'm thrilled that I lived up to my own take on dancing, which is: `The day someone danced for the first time, it must have been to express his happiness.' I'm hoping I was able to pass on my enthusiasm and pleasure to everyone present.“ 






Hrithik vs Salman... it's a no contest



Source: Emirates247 

Date: Feb 27, 2011 



The beefy actor waxes eloquent on his upcoming movies, why he loves Dubai and the ‘Guzaarish’ controversy Hrithik Roshan’s last film, “Guzaarish”, may have tanked at the box office, but the actor’s work has been critically acclaimed and applauded. Speaking to Emirates247.com, the Bollywood star waxes eloquent on his upcoming movies, why he loves the UAE and that whole ‘Guzaarish’ business. Excerpts: 



So what’s your reaction to being immortalised in wax? And how did Madame Tussaud’s decide on your character from “Dhoom 2”? 


I’m trying to absorb it, everyone’s so excited and it feels so good, I’m just full of gratitude. Regarding “Dhoom 2”, that wasn’t a decision I took on my own – we sent out several options to fans and that character came out on top. I think that’s because he resonates with the audience, he has a raw, core mass appeal that the audience can easily identify with. 



It’s also very much about the body beautiful – your six packs are on show. But how much time do you actually spend in the gym every day? 


It’s not about hours, not about how much time, it’s about consistency. That’s the most important thing when it comes to your health. It doesn’t really make a difference if you’ve got a six pack if you aren’t healthy. 



Tell me about “Agneepath”. Apparently you share this sizzling chemistry with Priyanka Chopra? 


That chemistry that has been reported on has not been created yet. But I’m very very excited. I haven’t played a character that is so raw, so intense, so grounded in the Indian world, ever before. This really is one of my toughest roles.



And “Zindagi Na Milega Dobaara”? 


It’s a fantastic departure from my other roles and really is much larger than life. It cuts through the chaff and brings the character down to basics, there’s no excess baggage – it’s just three boys on a road trip. So it’s a bright, colourful film with an ensemble cast and should be a joyful, fun film. It’s not a character that requires preparation. 



You’re working on a dance-based TV show, too – what’s that about? 


All I can say, really, is that it’s on the cards. I can’t talk about it. 



What about “Guzaarish”? After the film flopped at the box office, do you feel vindicated that you’ve won awards for your work? 


Doing the film was a gift in itself. I’ve not received this kind of adulation before. When I look back, ten years from now, my career will be split into pre-“Guzaarish” and post-“Guzaarish”. But I’ve got to pass the credit on to God and to Sanjay Leela Bhansali. If I accept it, it might just go to my head. [But] I’ve never experienced reactions like this ever, I’ve not seen people stand up in silence and applaud. And if the film didn’t do well at the box office, sometimes money does have to bow down to art. 



Talking of “Guzaarish”, what’s going on with Salman Khan? After the pair of you traded insults, where’s the relationship now? 


[The relationship] is what it’s always been, just like Salman himself. It’s absolutely cool. There was something said, and I used the same platform to give my reactions – it was nothing personal. But things are great now. In fact, it’s situations like this that bring people closer. There is only love in Salman Khan’s heart. We’ve both spoken about it, and it’s done with now. 



You’re a regular visitor to Dubai – have you thought about buying a house here? 


That’s something that time will tell. For the moment I’m too involved with India to move to Dubai permanently, but I’d love to have a second home [here]. Dubai would be a natural choice, it’s so close to Mumbai and such a colourful departure from my world – only two hours away, but completely different people. And there’s so much love for us in Dubai, the people always make us feel at home.