Hrithik admits to taking risks in his career

Published On: 2014-04-20

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Hrithik Roshan admits to taking risks in his career



Source: DNA India 

Date: March 26, 2011 



Every film is his baby; it doesn’t matter whether or not it clicks at the box office. Actor Hrithik Roshan says that it really pains him to see to see when some of his ‘babies’ don’t do well as expected, but at the end of the day they still remain his babies. “I put in 110% in every film and when you are making the baby, it’s a fruit of love. When it is born you are so attached to it that nothing comes across as a flaw and you seem to be very happy with it. But it hurts you when you see that some do not appreciate it.” So what is the actor’s immediate reaction to it? “You become even more appreciative of the baby and get even more attached to it. Same is the reaction about all my films. I am tremendously attached to it. It doesn’t matter whether people like my films or not. They are mine and they will always be. I will always remain attached to them no matter what,” he says. 


The actor, who was recently rated as one of the sexiest men in Bollywood, says that he knows that some of the decisions in his careers (read some of the films that he has signed) might prove to be a risky proposition. But that doesn’t deter him from going ahead with it. And Roshan has a deep philosophical reason behind it. “I am a bit of an explorer when it comes to my career. Sometimes I know that there are too many risks involved in the decisions I am taking and sometimes, I am not aware at all about the dangers associated with the decisions. But an explorer will nevertheless go ahead and take those decisions because he wants to explore. Yes, he will fail a couple of times but that doesn’t mean he should stop taking those risky decisions,” says Roshan. According to Roshan some of his best films have been made because of his streak to take ‘different’ projects. “Guzaarish was different from the rest. It took a lot out of me to act in that film. May be that is why it remains one of my best films that I have ever done,” he trails off.