Hrithik's interview in Anand Bazar Patrika

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Hrithik's interview in Anand Bazar Patrika



Source: Anand Bazar Patrika 

Date: June 4,2011 



Busy with shooting 18 hours a day. Karan Johar is remaking 'Agneepath' and all his concentration is focused on that. Meanwhile the entire television fraternity is in an uproar over his first T.V appearance. In the midst of this hectic schedule, Hrithik Roshan speaks to Indraneel Roy.



Q: Hrithik, doesn't it seem as if everything has changed? 


H: Meaning? What has changed? Are you talking about the political changes in Bengal? 



Q: No no, not that. In your case it is completely different. Consider that in 2001 you were the biggest competitor of Shahrukh Khan and now in 2011 we see you travelling to Eden to show solidarity and support for Shahrukh's team. That's a huge difference in ten years, is it not? 


H: I haven't thought about it that way. I love cricket. Shahrukh and his wife Gauri extended an invitation to me to watch the match with them. The invitation was so tempting that I could not say no. 



Q: That means that the sheer competition between the two of you is no more? It's all history? 


H: See, I have to admit that mine and Shahrukh's relationship has undergone quite a few ups and downs over the years. But I still cannot say Shahrukh is a very close friend of mine. To establish a friendship, one needs to be on an equal footing with the other. I am still not Shahrukh's peer. 



Q: You are trying to play safe again. Is this a characteristic trait for you? You hit the first two balls of the over for sixes and even though the third ball gives you ample chance to play for a boundary, you block it. 


H: (laughs) May be. It can easily be that this is a characteristic trademark of mine. But to return to your question, what you are saying is not possible. One cannot live by considering someone a competitor one's entire life. Today Shahrukh does not consider me a competitor. But yes, it is true that he has changed a lot over the last few years. He has reached a certain level from where he has learned to contemplate life. The time you are referring to, none of us were at fault. We have both passed that stage now. At this point, our wives are great friends. 



Q: So can it be said that your wives actually smoothed out the relationship between you both? 


H: (smiles) Means this interview is actually about mine and Shahrukh's relationship, is it? 



Q: No no, why will that be? Let us change the topic. Tell us, why do you keep yourself away from the public eye so much? 


H: It is not that I do this very consciously. I am working continuously. A schedule of 'Agneepath' just got over. Now I am busy with my T.V show 'Just Dance'. See, my level of talent is a little low. So I cannot work as much or as continuously as the other stars. In fact the ones who can work on 3-4 films at the same time, are in the public eye all the time, I actually envy them. I'll never be able to do so much.



Q: Hrithik, isn't that taking humility a bit too far? 


H: It's not a question of humility, but honesty. I do believe I am less talented. 



Q: All right, but by keeping yourself away from the limelight you are denying your followers in a way. The audience saw you in 'Dhoom' long back, then next they see you in 'Jodhaa Akbar'. And then after another period of disappearance, comes 'Guzaarish'. Why do you do so few films? 


H: Yes, my fans have been angry at this fact for a long time. I know, the fault lies with me. Which is why, even at the beginning of this year, I had sworn that I will work more. But as I pointed out, I have less talent. But still, I am trying to do several things at once. (smiles). 



Q: Last time when we met, you said that you weren't yet mentally prepared to embark upon a television journey. What happened in the meantime to change your mind? 


H: I still do not know how mentally prepared I am for my television entry. But the format of 'Just Dance' excited me, when i got to know that I would be judging not only Indian but foreign contestants as well. 



Q: Considering the perfectionist that you are, you must have taken a long time before beginning the work on the show? 


H: No, that did not happen this. Star Plus representatives came to my house to discuss the details of the show, and within two minutes, I was on board. 



Q: You took only two minutes to say yes? Is this possible? It is said that you take months to decide about anything related to work. 


H: No, that's not it. Let me tell you what happens with me. When I listen to a screenplay, if it catches my fancy, I don't even take 5 minutes to say a yes. But if for some reason, any doubts surface, I might take months. I myself am unaware of what I want from a screenplay. I agree to a project out of pure instinct. You may say that i use my sixth sense. As I did in case of Just Dance. I asked myself 'What's the harm in trying?' 



Q: Money was also quite a factor.... 


H: (smiles) Let's not get into that discussion. 



Q: Just how much did the failure of 'Kites' disappoint you? Detractors say that you entered a state of acute mental depression after the film flopped? 


H: No, nothing like that happened. Instead, me and Dad learnt a big lesson through the failure. We realised that the mass audience in India does not like an English-speaking hero. They are not able to connect with him. The protagonist speaks in English for a large part of the movie. After making the movie we learnt that we are actually discriminated the audience in a massive way. That was a huge lesson for us. 



Q: But you had such high hopes from 'Kites'. It was heard that your family believed this would be your launch vehicle into Hollywood. 


H: See, we did not make 'Kites' thinking only of Hollywood. Whatever has been spread considering the beliefs of my family is incorrect. 



Q: So have you completely given up on the Hollywood dream? 


H: It is entirely my business whether I work in Hollywood or not. Every day I get offers from there. Several prominent directors have expressed a desire to work with me. I'll be meeting up with them in a couple of months. But I still haven't come across a Hollywood screenplay which excites me. Who knows, what I keep looking for in a script. 



Q: And your last movie with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, 'Guzaarish'? What did you learn from that failure? 


H: It may sound absurd, but I have learnt that one should not invest 80-90 crores in a movie which does not fall within the mainstream current. Because the failure of the movie leads to immense financial loss. Movies pertaining to different tastes should always be made on a low budget. I learnt the basics of cinematic economics from the movie. But I'll still say that 'Guzaarish' took me to my peak as an artist. And the love and respect I have received from moviegoers is unparalleled. 



Q: This is strange. I thought that 'Kaho Na Pyaar Hai' took you to the peak of fame and adulation. So much so that you became the benchmark for all the actors who followed you. 


H: Yes, 'Kaho Na...' certainly gave me a lot of love. But there were certain surprise elements in that too. People just couldn't believe that someone so young not only pulled off adouble role but also carried an entire film on his shoulders. That was a different kind of love. With 'Guzaarish', I received not only love, but respect as well. 



Q: You are doing 'Agnipath' now. You must realise that comparisons with Amitabh Bachchan are going to come your way. 


H: Oh yes, that is bound to happen. But I am not even contemplating all these comparisons. There were many who had advised me to not do 'Jodhaa Akbar'. Their point was that I didn't have the required maturity to pull off Akbar. And secondly, Prithviraj Kapoor had already immortalised the character before. It was a risk, but still I took it. I listened to my instincts in that situation, and I'm following the same logic here. 



Q: Let us come to Shahrukh. In the beginning of the interview you said that you don't consider Shahrukh a competitor. Do you think Shahrukh feels the same? 


H: I think so. Please remember, that though we are not competitors, we have no qualms in engaging each other. And I always believe that in a face-off, there is noone better than Shahrukh. That is why he is my favourite co-star. He will never steal the scene from me, but only make it better. If you are a good actor, you'll understand what he is trying to do. He is intelligent enough to realise that if I am acting well, even he'll have to increase his level. In the long run, that benefits the film. 



Q: Accepted that Shahrukh is your favourite co-star. But the industry believes that you are closer to Aamir in mentality. Both of you keep a low profile, avoid the media and take months to reach a decision. 


H: Wait, wait. Do not compare me to Aamir. He is an amazingly experienced artist. The kind of concentration Amir is able to apply to any work, I am not able to apply even a tenth of that. 



Q: Hrithik, your humility is reaching such proportions that very soon we'll have to start calling you Hrithik 'Humble' Roshan... 


H: No no, I'm serious. Aamir is a flawless actor. I am still not that. The main reason I take so long to make a decision is that I want to hide my flaws. Aamir has no such worries. 



Q: At the end of this interview it just got more pronounced just how strong your humility is. Next you're going to say you're not a good dancer. 


H: Of course I'm not. You know why I say that? I am not a trained dancer. I need to practice a 'move' to an impossible degree. But yes, I know I look good while dancing. That's because I have an athletic build. Because I am an actor my expressions look good when I dance. But just because I look good while dancing, does not mean I'm a good dancer. 



Q: So how much will you rate yourself as a dancer, out of ten? 


H: I cannot rate myself. But I can say this, that I don't even feature in the top thousand dancers from India. 



Q: Thank you, Hrithik 'Modest' Roshan! 


H: What are you saying! The language your paper is published in, is also my grandmother Ira Roshan's mother tongue. That is why the Bengali language and Bengalis are great favourites of mine.You could have taken longer, I would have managed.