I am no God of Dance : Hrithik

Published On: 2014-05-27

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I am no God of Dance : Hrithik



Source: Times of India 

Date: June 13,2011 



What a wonderful opportunity to start a fresh week on a Monday morning with a meeting with the handsome Greek God of Bollywood 'Hrithik Roshan' who is making his debut on small screen with a dance realtiy show 'Just Dance'. Here Hrithik talks about his first TV show, his passion towards Dance, difficulties faced while judging great talents and tip to avid stressful life. 



What makes you accept dance reality show 'Just Dance' when there are other dance shows available on small screen? 


'Just Dance' is one dance reality show which has crossed all the geographical and language barriers and has gone truly global in search of true talent from India as well as Abroad. It was a pleasure to watch best of the bests to perform with their true passion. Also, I feel privileged that so many amazingly talented people will get this huge platform to showcase their talent through me, that's the main reason I accepted the show. 



How was the experience of judging the participants? 


It was a tough job for me to sit on the judge's seat. Every contestant who performed in front of us had worked hard to reach this stage. Movies can be made on each of their's journey. I went through emotional upheaval during short listing 30,000 contestants to 52 and then 21. I was never so nervous in my entire life. It made me literally cry to send them back so I gave them my personal number so at least from my behalf I can do something for them. 



You have witnessed talents in India as well as abroad, which one is great according to you? 


Talent is talent no matter from which part of the world it belongs. That is the reason they say that 'Music and dance have no language barriers'. 



How you manage to take out time for TV show when you are so busy with movies? 


Success of a man does not depend on his fame or money but how much time he can devote for things he is passionate about. And I am slowly learning the way to become successful in that regard. 



Is there any form of dance/style that you find difficult to perform? 


I find every dance and every step difficult. I am no God of Dance, I am just a symbol of dance through which the 'True Gods Of Dance' can get their platform. I am just a hardworking dancer. 



Who are your idols in Dance? 


Undoubtedly - Michael Jackson and Shammi Kapoorji 



What's with you featured in the music video to promote your dance show? 


If you look at my last releases like 'Jodha-Akbar', 'Guzaarish' and now forthcoming 'Agnipath' they didn't had much scope of dance. So, I thought since I am not getting much dance opportunities in my movies why not take a chance of doing this music video where I can do what I love most that is ..Just Dance!! 



Is 'Just Dance' your favourite mantra? 


Nowadays we lead such a stressful life; dance is the remedy for that. Once in awhile you must put on some music and dance like nobody is watching you with your wife, kids and let the worries go by wind!!