Hrithik rocks the first look of Just Dance

Published On: 2014-06-01

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Hrithik rocks the first look of Just Dance



Date: 14 June, 2011 

Source: Star Tv India 



Hrithik Roshan unveiled a new side of his personality at the first look of Just Dance today. He ensured that every minute of the event was filled with fun and excitement. The actor, who is normally termed as reserved, pleasantly surprised the audience. Read on to find out what the actor along with co-judge, Vaibhavi Merchant, had in store for everyone present. Vaibhavi was the first to arrive looking hot in a black outfit and kept herself busy mingling with the team of the show. 


Host Ayushman looking dapper in a tuxedo commenced the event by rightly saying that “Nobody can take dance out of their lives as life is a celebration of dance.” Sanjay Gupta COO of STAR India made an entry next and enlightened the audience about the show. Sanjay said “The first look of Just Dance is being held on the same day that STAR Plus re- launched itself last year with - Rishta Wahi Soch Nayi. Just Dance underlines the nayi soch, passion and perseverance. Hrithik personifies excellence, hard work and passion. We have travelled to the width and depth of Birmingham, Chester, London, New York besides cities in India to find dancing talent. Farah and Vaibhavi have personally watched around 30 thousand dancers. Hrithik as a superstar cuts across language and geography as dance has no language so the show will be aired on STAR Plus, STAR One as well as regional channels STAR Pravah, STAR Vijay and Asianet at the same time.” 


The excitement was raised to another level altogether as Vaibhavi challenged the audience to match steps with a virtual image of Hrithik Roshan. While one dancer impressed Vaibhavi, she literally pushed another off the stage as she was horrified by his steps. This left everyone in splits. The biggest surprise was saved for the last when superstar Hrithik Roshan made a sudden entry as a girl was trying to match steps with his virtual version. He joined her as she was shaking a leg and this had her and everyone present there, squealing with delight and cheering for them. Hrithik looked like a Greek god in a black jacket and grey T-shirt. He gifted all the three who attempted dance a special HR bracelet that he has given the selected contestants of Just Dance. Speaking about Hrithik, Vaibhavi says “He is the sweetest, most courteous and kindest judge. He cried every time a contestant was eliminated and gave each one of them his personal number.” 


Hrithik who is judging a reality show for the first time ever says “I had no idea that I would get so attached to the contestants in the first episode itself. I wanted to be associated with them and help them in every way that I can. The judge’s seat is the toughest place to sit on. These contestants are the best in the world and one can write books and make movies on how they have faced all odds and what they have gone through to reach this platform.” Hrithik had another surprise in store as he coaxed the audience to join him on stage and dance to the grooving music. Hrithik then got off the stage and danced with the crowd. 


The superstar also confessed to why he was waiting for something like Just Dance to come along. Hrithik says “I did not get the opportunity to dance in my last few films Jodhaa Akbar, Guzaarish and Agneepath, so shooting for the Just Dance video was an amazing experience as there was no restriction on dance.” When asked about Hrithik’s new avatar in the show the actor summed it up with just one simple question “Have you ever seen me dance so madly?” Well said Hrithik. 


Do not forget to catch Hrithik’s new avatar as he is joined by ace choreographers Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant to select the best dancing talent from around the world only in Just Dance June 18 onwards every Saturday-Sunday at 9 pm.







HRITHIK : Aaja nach le!



Source: HT 


Ek minute, while I answer this call on my kaaliberry. It's my jasoos from Juhu, enthusing about a nice nugget on Hrithik Roshan. The actor, who was away in Diu to shoot for Agneepath, was probably unaware of the hype building up for his television show, Just Dance. And it was only when he returned to the city the other day, did he realise how fast his moves are catching up with his fans. Naturally, he was in for a surprise when his admirers requested him to show them the move he makes in the end of the promos on air. Not one to upset his fans, the Duggu dude obliged them a couple of times, before walking out of Mumbai domestic airport to his car. Kewl!






Happy to be considered dance symbol : Hrithik



Source: Bollywiki 

Date: June 14, 2011 



Hrithik Roshan is synonymous with precise and impressive dance moves and the star, set to make his small screen debut with a dance reality show, feels honoured when seen as a symbol for dance in the country. “I find every dance difficult. Whenever I start rehearsals, I start from zero and I feel that I can’t do this. Then I slowly learn. I’m no god of dance, but I’m very happy with the fact that I have become a symbol for dance and that through me, so many other talented gods of dance will get an opportunity,” Hrithik told reporters here. 


Hrithik will judge Star Plus’ reality show “Just Dance”, going on air Saturday. “I’m blessed that I have become a symbol for something that stands for such a great talent. But I’m not the best dancer in the country, city or my neighbourhood. I’m just a very hardworking dancer,” he added. Hrithik, who proved his dancing prowess in his first film “Kaho Naa Pyar Hai” itself, will judge the show along with choreographers Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant.


The 37-year-old, who makes jaws drop with his impeccable moves and flexible dancing style, calls Michael Jackson and Shammi Kapoor his idols. Asked how he manages so many things together, Hrithik said: “The definition of a successful man is not depending on how much money a person has earned or how much fame he has, it is about how he manages his time.” “If you are a slave to your time, then you can’t be successful man. The person who takes out time for everything he wants to do, that person is truly successful. Time management is important. It’s an everyday practice that I’m learning and I need to learn. There are too many things happening so I need to improve my time management techniques,” he added.






Hrithik: It made me cry to send back contestants



Source: Rediff 

Date: June 14, 2011 



Hrithik Roshan, who makes jaws drop with his flawless moves and flexible dancing style, is making his television debut as judge on a dance reality show Just Dance. He calls Michael Jackson and Shammi Kapoor his idols. The winner of the show gets to dance with Hrithik in a video, pocket Rs 1 crore in cash and drive away in a Swift from Maruti Suzuki. Just Dance airs on Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm, beginning on June 18 on Star Plus. Excerpts from an interview in which Hrithik reveals how emotional he got on the show, and the importance of time management. 



This is the first time you have featured in a music video, to promote your dance show Just Dance. Why did you do it? 


In the last six years, if you look at my releases like Jodhaa Akbar, Guzaarish and my next film Agneepath, you will see that I didn't get much opportunity to dance. So, when they came up with this idea, I embraced it. Why not do this music video where I can do what I enjoy doing most? After seeing the contests dance my eagerness and passion to do something that has not been done is even higher. My dream is to have a definitive dance video. 



Vaibhavi Merchant (co-judge) said that you became emotional and gave your personal number to all the eliminated contestants! 


I thought it would be easy for me to pick the contestants, but I was wrong. I was never so nervous in my entire life. Every contestant who performed in front of us had worked hard to reach this stage. Books can be written or movies can be made on each of their journeys. I went through emotional upheaval during the short-listing from 30,000 contestants to 52 and then 21. People, who are associated with dance and music, have kind of an aura because of the kind of journey they have taken. It made me cry to send them back so I gave them my personal number and said that if I can in any way be helpful to them, I will be at their service. 



You have auditioned globally, so where did you find the talent better -- in India or abroad? 


There is no difference in talent no matter from which part of the world they come. Dance and music are universal and they do not adhere to man-made geographical boundaries. 



Is there any dance type that you find difficult to perform? 


I find every dance step difficult. Whenever I start rehearsals, I start from zero and I feel that I can't do this. Then I slowly learn. I am no god of dance; I am just a symbol of dance through which the gods of dance can get their platform. I am blessed that I have become a symbol for something that stands for such a great talent. But I'm not the best dancer in the country, city, or my neighbourhood. I'm just a very hardworking dancer.



You are busy with your films so how do you balance that with a television show? 


The success of a man does not depend on his fame or money but it is about how he manages his time for the things he is passionate about. If you are a slave to your time, then you can't be a successful man. Time management is very important. It's an everyday practice that I'm learning and I need to keep at it. There are too many things happening so I need to improve my time management techniques.