31 and going Strong!

Published On: 2012-06-05

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31 and going Strong!

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Bollywood’s poster boy Hrithik Roshan hopes to spend a quite 31st birthday today with family and friends.

Rather; Hrithik who stayed away from the media glare for most of last year, is busy fundraising for Tsunami victims. “I don’t really feel like celebrating,” he says. “I am no teenager and I feel uncomfortable talking about a birthday bash when thousands are suffering. I’d like to actively help with relief work in the affected areas but I am scared that my presence could cause distraction. Vivek (Oberoi) is doing a good job. We are all proud of him.”

So, will Hrithik party at all as he blows out the candles? “Normally Susanne has something in her mind and throws a party. We go out for dinner with friends. This year I wont do anything big, just a regular family meal.”

Professionally he’ll be busy once dad Rakesh Roshans new film, a sequel to Koi Mil Gaya, goes on floors. “Its too early to talk about the film. All I’ll say is that I’ve got a new look for it.”

So is the sexiest man in Bollywood (according to a recent survey) signing more films in 2005? “If the script is good, why not?” he says. “I’ll be selective about the films I sign from now on. As an actor I cant afford to make any more mistakes. Hits and flops matter the most to us actors, after all, at the end of the day.”