Its about enjoying life in the here & now

Published On: 2014-08-09

Author: Asjad Nazir

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Hrithik’s resolve: Its about enjoying life in the here & now



Source: Eastern Eye, UK 

Date: August 26, 2011 

Interviewed by: Asjad Nazir (Twitter.com/asjadnazir) 



From a record-breaking debut to getting a waxwork in London’s Madame Tussauds, there have been some incredible moments in Hrithik Roshan’s amazing career. The latest high in the popular star’s journey is the success of his most recent release Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD). The Spain-set comedy-drama about seizing the day has been a super hit and formed a connection with audiences around the world. “I feel completely elated with the success of ZNMD. I feel so touched and thankful for audiences’ warm response. A lot of love went into this movie and I’m glad that reflected on screen and was appreciated by audiences,” says Hrithik. Despite a hectic schedule, the gifted actor took time out to speak to Eastern Eye and the main topic of conversation was, of course, ZNMD. 


Although he did not foresee how big a success it would be, Hrithik was quietly confident that it would strike the right chord with audiences. “Well, the concept of the film was really fresh and when there is a master touch from a director like Zoya (Akhtar), you feel pretty confident that the film will work. “I think it did well across the world because it was a very human film and transcended socio-geographical boundaries. Audiences could relate to the film and to the characters as their life experiences were very real and relatable.” He isn’t surprised that Zoya was able to handle a film about male bonding and dismisses comparisons between ZNMD and her brother Farhan Akhtar’s directorial debut Dil Chahta Hai. “In Dil Chahta Hai, yes, there were certain similarities such as the three male friends who each have a very different set of life experiences. However, the two films are completely different in terms of tone, theme and treatment. 


Having worked with Zoya previously and also knowing her as a friend, I wasn’t surprised at how she handled the subject matter. Her working style is completely focused and that intensity transferred to all of those involved.” The other thing that stood out was the amazing chemistry that Hrithik shared with Katrina Kaif (pictured above with Hrithik Roshan in ZNMD). He is full of praise for the actress whose acting ability has been called into question in the past, saying she was a thorough professional. “Katrina is a great artist and a wonderful human being. I guess it was a case of the right script presenting itself and she was certainly perfect for the role. “We had a great time working together. As well as being a hugely talented and committed actor, Katrina is a very sweet person. She was a joy to spend time with on set, as well as all of us hanging out together once we had wrapped for the day,” says Hrithik. The actors says the entire shoot was a blast from start to finish and picks out the tomatina festival as a major highlight. He reveals that it was a new experience for him and was tremendous fun to shoot despite being very messy. So did he learn any cool Spanish phrases? He smiles and says: “I speak Spanish since I had learned it for Kites. That came pretty handy to communicate with the locals.” 


Aside from the fun aspect, ZNMD worked really well and will continue to draw in audiences because of the messages in the film about friendship, being honest with yourself, seizing the day, building bridges and choosing the right path. When the actor is asked about what the biggest lesson the film taught him, he says, “Living life in the present moment. Let go of past regrets and try to disconnect from continually looking to the future. Enjoy and live life in the here and now, as that is all we have. Obviously, it is in the present moment that we lay the foundations for the future, but enjoy the ride and celebrate the present moment as the gift from the universe that it is.” 


One of the surprising aspects of ZNMD for some was the stand-out performance from filmmaker- turned-actor Farhan Akhtar. Hrithik says he isn’t at all surprised with the progress his childhood friend has made as an actor in a short space of time. “He has been a dear friend since childhood, but seeing him in his professional zone is completely different. He is so committed, focused and passionate about what he does. His achievements, both in front of and behind the camera, are equally mesmerising. He’s a huge asset to the industry.” So does Hrithik have a favourite moment from ZNMD that will stay with him? “Every moment spent in the film will stay with me forever. It was an exceptional journey which will never be erased from my mind.” 


Ever since the film has been declared a hit, Hrithik has been working around the clock on his reality TV show Just Dance and next release Agneepath. Despite this he has found time to enjoy the success of ZNMD, saying it’s important to savour moments like this. “Well, when you have worked hard on some-thing, you have to take some time out to enjoy the success. But for me, it’s about enjoying that success with my family and spending as much time as I can with them before the next work commitment.” Talking of work, the actor has been a massive success on his first TV project Just Dance, which has, not surprisingly, been a huge hit. He describes it as a wonderful experience and hasn’t ruled out tevision work in the future, saying the love and affection that he has received is touching and truly humbling. “It has been so great to have the opportunity of giving advice, mentoring to an extent and trying to instill confidence and self-belief in some amazingly talented individuals.I want them to know that anything is possible if you put your all into it. I woult certainly thing about doing more television if good concepts are introduced, although this experience of Just Dance would be hard to beat.” 


Hrithik will next be seen in the hotly anticipated remake of Amitabh Bachchan classic Agneepath and then this will be followed by the next installment of hit superhero film Krrish. “Agneepath is progressing very positively. I have put a lot of pressure on myself with this particular role, as I am very conscious about doing justice to Mr Bachchan’s unforgettable performance in the original. In terms of Krrish 3,we are currently in the pre-production stages. Krrishwas certainly a milestone character in Indian cinema for being the first superhero film and I’m extremely proud of that. With Krrish 3, we have a lot surprises in store for audiences, so watch this space,” he says with a smile. 


The two mega-budget movies continue the trend of Hrithik only acting in big projects.So why doesn’t the gifted actor work in the smaller-budget, character-driven independent movies? “I certainly wouldn’t rule it out as I am a huge fan and advocate of independent cinema – it is pushing boundaries and showcasing some amazing talent, both behind and in front of the camera. It would just be a case of the right opportunity presenting itself,” he says.So does Hrithik find a new part of himself in every role? “I think each role allows you to uncover something new in yourself. It can be a great process of self realization and self-awareness.Even though you may not relate to the character as a life experience,it can certainly open your horizons on many levels.” 


Hrithik says he loves interacting with fans whenever he can because they mean everything to him. “It is their prayers and blessings which keep me going. I want to thank them so much for all the love and affection they continue to show me. You are all amazing and I hope to come see you all soon.” Clearly happy that these same fans and a whole host of new ones have taken ZNMD to their hearts, the actor still wants even more people to see the film in cinemas or when it comes out on DVD later this year. “The film appeals to audiences of all ages, male and female. It’s a film that makes a connection with everyone as it is a very human and relatable film which has a feel good factor and has a strong message. We collectively put our hearts and souls into this film – it was a labour of love for the entire cast and crew.”