Pinky Roshan on Duggu and Sussanne

Published On: 2012-06-11

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'I have to tell him to relax sometimes'

Source: Rediff

BY: Lata Khubchandani

Date:Dec 19, 2000

Pinky Roshan on her superstar son.

Hrithik was a thoughtful child, always asking such difficult questions that I couldn't answer them!

For a four-year-old kid, he'd make unusual things with his Lego and that really surprised us. He wouldn't even look at the book provided, he would just use his imagination. He was always very serious about whatever he did.

I really miss him when he goes on outdoor shootings. But at the same time, I am happy for him.

He's working hard, but I think he needs time off for himself. He takes his work too seriously. He wants to be the best in whatever he does. Whether it's one shot or a dance step, he wants to do it to perfection.

I have to tell him to relax sometimes as he gets very involved in what he does. He is never satisfied. If he doesn't get a step right, he'll keep doing it till he perfects it. He takes after his father who is also a perfectionist. Sometimes, this aspect irritates me.

We are all different birth signs: Rakesh is a Virgo, I am a Libran, Hrithik is a Capricorn and my daughter Sunaina is an Aquarian. But we all get along well, though we may have our differences of opinion.

As a kid, Hrithik would stare at the sky and ask questions like, 'What if the stars were not there, what if the moon was not there, what if the earth was not there?' And I'd say that even we wouldn't be here. To that he would say, 'Then something else would've been there, something else would've happened!'

I remember once someone saw his horoscope and said he'd do something in connection with water. But I can't see the water anywhere except in his first film, Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai!

Hrithik is so quiet that he'll never talk about himself except when he hasn't been able to do a shot properly. Then he'll say he didn't do the shot properly and that he could've done it better.

But if somebody praises him a lot or pays him a compliment, he hates it and never shares that. I may learn about it from outside, but never from him. He's a very honest person. He is not a hypocrite and appreciates honesty.

I just loved him in Fiza. Certain scenes just amazed me, like when he goes into the empty train bogey and his expression after killing those people. I can't tell you how it touched me.

'Duggu,' I told him, 'You were fantastic in that scene!'