Hrithik : Don't compare me with Mr. Bachchan

Published On: 2014-08-30

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Hrithik : Don’t compare me with Mr. Bachchan


Source: StarBoxOffice
Date: December 02, 2011

Hrithik Roshan will soon be seen in Agneepath and the actor is too excited about it. Here is a small chat about his future projects.

I am fine now and the doctor has asked me not to strain myself with too much of work. I am also not allowed to do any physical stunts at least till March. So I will take some rest till I fully recover. Otherwise I am fine. We work so hard that sometimes we neglect our body and that’s when the body says- ‘Hey, I need to take some rest’. So that’s what my body has asked me now.

It’s a wonderful film and I am glad that I am a part of it. You know, initially I said no to the script because the moment they told me Agneepath, I was like how can I step into Mr. Bachchan’s shoes? So I simply said no without listening to the script but Karan Malhotra was not ready to let go of me and he came all the way to Spain to recite the script. When I finally heard the script, I was taken aback because he has given Agneepath a new touch and I really liked it. And I don’t have compare both the films.

Frankly speaking, I am always against remakes because I think what is done, what has become a legend should not be touched. Let us continue to enjoy the old films. But Agneepath is not a remake. I was impressed by the new version even though I don't like remakes so it must be something.

Krrish 2
Krrish was a break-through film. I tried doing something new and explored some uncomfortable regions with the film. The shooting for the sequel has started but they do not need me right now. I start shooting in March.

Don’t compare me with Mr. Bachchan, I am not him, I am not ultra talented like him. He has made his mark in the industry and I am yet to do that. So if you compare me with him, you will be disappointed.