I did not want to do a remake : Hrithik : Part 2

Published On: 2014-09-10

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Hritihk chats with Rediff - Part 2



Source: Rediff 

Date: January 17, 2012 



Hrithik Roshan spoke about his forthcoming film Agneepath in the first part of this interview. In part two, he talks to Patcy N about Krrish 3, his peers, and the culture of 'camps' in Bollywood. 



Because of Krrish, whenever we speak of a superhero we think of you... 


I did not feel I was fit to do Krrish until two months ago. Whatever film I do, I do it because I know it will help me evolve as a person. When I played Akbar in Jodha Akbar, I knew I did not have the strength to talk to ten thousand people as an emperor, but I wanted to do the role and do it convincingly. For Krrish I could have worn the jacket a little loose and nobody would know that I have a paunch hiding behind it. I am not as fit as I should be. For me to take up a role, I have to be fit. If you ask me to deliver a dialogue from one of my films, I won't be able to do it. Other actors can; they have that talent, but I can't. I have to go into a room, think of the character, read the dialogues, understand the character, get into the character for four hours and only then I can do it. 



How has the Krrish 3 script shaped up? According to me, this is my father's best script; everything else around it is embellishment, whether it is colours, songs, item songs, action, look or style. The script is the most important thing for any film. I have confidence in this script; the rest will all fall in place. 



How was it working with Vivek Oberoi? It was amazing. When I heard the script I wanted to play the villain, in fact, I wanted to do play both hero and the villian. I insisted that I'd be the best in the role. I told papa (director Rakesh Raushan) there is no other actor who can play it but he kept saying no. But after I saw Vivek perform on the first day of the shoot, I was convinced that he'd do justice to the role. I thanked god that I wasn't playing the villain because Vivek is doing a good job. 



How far will you take the Krrish franchise from here? Forever. I would want to do it with grey hair too. Why not? 



How was the experience of Just Dance (the TV dance show for which he was a judge)? Will you be doing the next season? 


The Just Dance journey was fabulous; the sincerity and energy of the contestants touched my heart. That is what worked for the entire show. I'll be busy with Krrish till September and can think about the second season only after that. I am not signing any films until Krrish's shoot wraps up. 



Do you think it is because of dearth of writers that there are so many remakes these days? 


Considering the success rate of remakes, I would say why not, films are made to entertain, after all. There are so many youngsters who haven't seen the original Agneepath. Remakes are one way to bring that film, that story and that world to this generation. 



Is there any genre that you want to do? 


Yes, I want to do comedy. But I want to do serious comedy and no one writes that kind of humour any more. The actor must be very honest with the character. It should not be slapstick comedy where I make faces to make people laugh. I want to do a Ben Stiller kind of comedy. If you have seen his films, you will notice that whatever happens to him is very funny but he is very serious in the film. He is nervous, he is scared, he doesn't know what to do, but he is honest. He is not making faces to make you laugh. 



Why do you think no one is writing that kind of script? 


Everyone starts writing that kind of film but when finances come into it, it becomes slapstick. 



Are you ever going to direct, like your father? No, no, I don't think so. 



In Agneepath, your character takes revenge. What's your take on revenge in real life? 


Revenge is very stupid in real life. You have to understand only one person really well in this world and that is yourself. You must know your shortcomings. Sometimes I get worked up and say bad things on impulse and after that I feel bad about it. If someone says bad things about you, one has to understand that he may come from a certain background and experiences; he is saying or doing what he has been taught. Then, automatically, you will understand that whatever he has said is not his fault. He just doesn't know any better. I sympathise with such people and if I get a chance I would like to talk to them. I would not want revenge. One should always look for ways to maintain peace. 



Krrish 2... (he cuts in) 


Actually it is Krrish 3, because first was Koi Mil Gaya (2003), then Krrish (2006) and now Krrish 3. There was a Hollywood film First Blood, then came Rambo and then it was Rambo 3. 



You have acted in many films. Which character is closest to your heart? 


I think Ethan from Guzaarish. Whoever performed that role would have had to be that real because you meet people who are ill like that and when you meet them you have to feel real in your heart. 



Do you think Guzaarish got less audience response? 


Any film in the end is about business. I think the film would have done well if its promotion was a little balanced. If the promos were not only about Ethan's death and tragedyand had been balanced well with other scenes, it would have done well. If you are sad and depressed at home, tired with your work and you see this trailer, you wouldn't want to watch the film. If we had seen happiness, and some abs and biceps, it would have worked out. We missed out on that. Six months after the film's release, many people told me and also tweeted messages saying that they have seen the film on DVD and it is marvellous and they curse themselves for not watching it in the theatre. They write to me saying, 'I thought it was a sad film, but it turned out a happy film.' Or 'this film has changed my life.' I wouldn't say the promos were wrong, but they were just not balanced well. My fans, wherever I go, talk about Ethan. 



How is your relationship with your father? 


I think we have a beautiful relationship. We don't need words -- I understand his mind very well. I can tell what he wants to say just by studying his expressions. And it works both ways. I worked with him as an assistant for six years, and I live with him. I have watched him very closely. 



Did your father always know you were going to be a star? 


Not always. I had made a video of myself when I was 19. I had shot it myself, enacting a scene from Raj Kapoor's film Anari in which Mrs D'Sa (played by Lalitha Pawar) dies. I thought I would show it to producers when I ask them for work. I first showed that video to my mom and she cried and hugged me. Then she showed it to papa without telling me. Till that time, papa thought I was no good. He would make me feel like I was nothing. He would just criticise me for everything. But the day he saw this tape, my mom told me that papa's first words were 'he is a star'. I heard that and I was speechless, I was bowled over. 



Have you got any Hollywood offers, or are you thinking of going to Hollywood? 


Why should I go there when there is such a big audience here in India? 



Why did you think of making Kites in English? 


I thought it'd be great if my film reached a wider audience. 



But Kites did not do well. 


Yes, I know. Papa told me so many times that your audience will not identify with you because you are not speaking in their language. But I had to be honest with my character. The story is about an Indian who is born and brought up in Las Vegas and he meets a Mexican girl and falls in love with her. When the dialogues came in Hindi, I asked myself why the character is talking in Hindi when he is born and brought up in Las Vegas. Also, speaking in Hindi to a Mexican girl made little sense. I was fumbling with my Hindi dialogues so we tried it in English. Barbara (Mori) knew a little bit of English, so the scenes started to flow. Anurag Basu (the director) was happy with the flow. All this happened during the rehearsal so we stuck to English. 



You share a great rapport with your peers; you are never part of any fights. 


I used to have fights -- you fight with one and become best friends with the other, and then you fight with the other and become best friends with someone else...I did all that when I was in school. Now I am a grown man and I don't do that. You have to grow up some time. When I look at people fighting, I feel they are all still in school. I don't understand the 'camp' culture. 



Shah Rukh Khan tried to make a superhero film but it did not do well. What went wrong according to you? 


I think the drawback is always at the level of the script; there is nothing more important than the script. The script should be absolutely how you want it, you cannot pick things from other films which you think looked good, or worked well in that film. When Papa was writing the script for Krrish, I thought that it was an old idea, but he kept going. He did not change it at all. When the script reached the climax, it turned out to be mindblowing and only then I understood why he wrote what he did in the beginning. It is the best script to date.