I'm overwhelmed, relieved : Hrithik

Published On: 2014-09-20

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I’m overwhelmed, relieved  : Hrithik Roshan



Source: TOI 

Date: January 30, 2012 



Hrithik Roshan shares his exultation over his film breaking opening-day records Agneepath" has broken all opening-day records. On Republic Day, Hrithik visited cinemas in Mumbai showing the film, and got an overwhelming response from the crowds. In one theatre, a glass partition broke because of the mayhem; in another, cops had to be called to control crazed fans. The actor shares his thoughts... 



"Agneepath" has taken a historic opening... 


It has gone beyond expectations! History used to be my worst subject in school, it has suddenly become my favourite now that "Agneepath" has created it (laughs)! I went to many theatres and sort of relived the "Kaho Na Pyaar Hai..." (his first film) sensation once again, only this time I was able to absorb it better. The reactions were deafening but soothing at the same time. 



The film is the first big hit of 2012... 


Till the release, I really didn't realise the extent of the risk we'd taken, and what we'd stand to lose if it didn't work. Incredibly, that fear was non-existent throughout the making of the film for all of us. In retrospect, I think the script engulfed us totally, leaving no room for any other emotion. We gave it our heart. So somewhere, it made complete sense that "Agneepath" has its own individual identity and stands apart from the earlier classic. I'm completely overwhelmed, relieved, thankful for the kind of appreciation it's getting. What more can I say? 


Were you nervous on release day? 


Extremely nervous and empty. Playing Vijay Dinanath Chauhan depleted me. I needed something to fill me up again before I started "Krrish 3". I was afraid that if I didn't get that pat on the back, my next journey would be very tough. 



What's the best compliment you got? 


There were several nice moments. The spontaneous hug from my dad in the middle of a conversation much after he saw the film, the tears of joy in my mom's eyes, Sussanne reminding me in her broken voice about the faith she had in me, my proud sister and grandparents... Anyway, all that is history now, I'm charged up and ready for the biggest challenge yet again. 



Karan Johar says... 


"All of us at Dharma are ecstatic at the historic opening day collections. It truly is director Karan Malhotra's vision that has made it all possible. Revisiting a cult classic is a daunting task. He and his brilliant cast and crew have helped create box office magic"