Zarine Khan on Duggu

Published On: 2012-06-16

Author: Lata Khubchandani

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'Both of them are madly in love with each other'


By: Lata Khubchandani 


Zarine Khan on her son-in-law 

I've known Hrithik all his life from the time he was born. Then, as a kid, and now as Suzanne's beau. 

I don't know the exact details, but I believe that the two met at the traffic lights, where their cars stopped in a Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai sort of situation.

They took a while to become close. She told me she wanted to marry Hrithik about three years ago. I said if you love him and you feel he's going to be there for you, then go ahead. 

You see, I also married into a film family. Nowadays, the media makes a big star even bigger! 

I feel history is repeating itself. I have lived a very constructive life and I've taught my children to live the same way. 

Hrithik is also of the opinion that she need not be a wall flower and should pursue a career. Suzanne has got a degree in interior design from the United States. After the initial years of marriage, she will continue her work and be occupied. 

At the same time, she must also support Hrithik and be there for him whenever he needs her. She's so confident of his love for her, that the fact that he's been chased by so many people doesn't worry her. It's a part of his stardom and she accepts it as that. 

Suzanne and I are very close. Both of them are madly in love with each other and it's been growing deeper. It's a myth that marriage affects stardom. You can see highly successful married stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and many more. 

Stars do need their private lives too. In fact, people feel good when a star stands by his girlfriend. It adds to his charm. 

Suzanne is a wonderful girl -- very soft, gentle and kind. You have to meet her to see it. We've always kept our children away from the media, so Suzanne gets very stressed around them. Maybe after a while she'll get accustomed to it. 

From the time she was born, Suzanne was adorable. Anybody who comes in contact with her gets charmed by her. 

We are a very close family and I wish her all the best in her new life. 

Hrithik and Suzanne are spiritual, trusting and forgiving. I've taught my children to believe less in religion and more in humanity. They are spiritual for the goodness of it, not for the parting of ways. They are two lovely people who've come together.