Hrithik Ko Lakshya Mil Gaya

Published On: 2012-06-18

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Hrithik ko Lakshya mil gaya


Source: TI


Hrithik left Delhi a hassled man. In the Capital on Sunday, to collect his umpteenth award for Koi Mil Gaya, he sounded breathless as we tried to talk to him en route to the airport. 

'Hey, what's up, Hrithik?' we asked. "Man, I just managed to save my life!" exclaimed the unnerved superstar. "There were almost 200 people who mobbed me... they were pulling at me... touching me... tearing at my shirt... God! 10,000 people out there, screaming like mad! I simply ran away from the stage. And you know what, I stepped over some person. I hope he's okay...." 

That's Hrithik Roshan for you. With 13 Best Actor awards for Koi Mil Gaya and 15 for Kaho Naa Pyar Hai, Bollywood's reigning single-hero superstar still wonders why he whips up such a frenzy. Blame it on the string of flops that marred his career after a scintillating debut? 

"My failures have affected my sub-conscious," concedes the actor. "Before Koi Mil Gaya became a box office hit, I had been wondering which is the true me: Hrithik, the successful star or Hrithik, the failure. But all my failures only made me stronger," he says. 

"I used them as a filter to understand the real truth..." And that is? "Simple," he explains. "If only wonderful things keep happening to you, how can you actually grow? How can you understand the highs of life without actually experiencing the lows?" 

You hear the incessant honking of trucks on the jam-packed highway and wonder how philosophy can blend with unruly Dilli. It's magic! Kuch bhi ho sakta hai ...you steal a line from his film and quiz him about Lakshya. So, another round of jingoism in the guise of patriotism? 

"No, there is no Pak-bashing in Lakshya. I don't think you need to abuse another country to showcase your own," says Writhik-Hrithik. Today, the two-film wonder is waiting for a film that will "simply entertain". 

For as he says: "I don't want to be a certain kind of hero, project a certain kind of image. I just want to entertain the audience."