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Published On: 2014-10-21

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Find the H.RO in you

Source: Men's Health, August 2012 By: Jamal Shaikh It's one of those mornings in Mumbai when it has rained all night and the city is covered in a coat of fresh green. Actor Hrithik Roshan is in conversation with Men's Health on matters of the heart. "I believe it takes the negative extreme to be able to spring an equally positive one," he's saying, sounding more sage than superstar. "All the good that has happened in my life has been inversely proportionate to the dark, depressed spaces I've been in. Of course, nobody wishes bad things to happen, but weirdly, if it hadn't been for the fears, the tears, the mind-numbing sensation of hitting rock bottom, greatness would never have been discovered!" In times of PR-generated answers and marketing overdrives, this seems like Hrithik Roshan's most intimate advice ever: he has no major release until Diwali next year, so his intentions of doing this interview are far beyond promoting a movie. "All it takes is practice," he continues. "The more you practice overcoming your obstacles, the more you will welcome them and be unafraid. It doesn't matter if it's a double slipped disc, torn rotator cuff s, arthritic knees, scoliosis-my condition when we were a month away from shooting Krrish…And by the way, my waist was 36.5" and my resting heart rate 95!" None of that stopped him. "When faced with failure, loss or depression of any kind, all you have to do is not be static. As much as your body and mind want to just sit and stare at the ceiling with self-imposed sympathy, hoping for a miracle, you're wasting time. Miracles do not happen on their own, you need to make them happen!" H.Ro did just that. He met trainer Kris Gethin and went from unfit to superfit in four weeks. In this interview, Hrithik tells you how to fuel your motivation, correct your technique, and then, with a generous dose of passion, scolds you for saying you don't have the time! "How difficult is it to get fit?" he says. "It's like asking me how tough it is for me to keep my teeth clean. Everything takes effort!" Over to some straight-talking by H.Ro to help you find the star within. On fitness for vanity I admit that my interest in fitness first came from wanting to look like a hero. As a child, I was fascinated by strength and aesthetics. I started training in my teens, but a dearth of information and knowledge frustrated me, and worse, led to injuries. For me, putting on mass has been a lifelong struggle. An ectomorphic frame like mine makes it very difficult to gain size. Add to that my damaged joints, and it's almost impossible. But almost impossible also means almost possible... Initiative and consistency are the key factors. Working out to look good is important if it's a job requirement-like mine. Otherwise, you don't need to look a certain way to be healthy and fit. Remember one thing though: the more fit you are, the better you will be at your job. On making time for workouts I will never buy the excuse that you don't have time, especially if it comes from a Men's Health reader. I have one of the busiest schedules, yet I always find the time. You don't need gym clothes, or even a gym to exercise. The floor is all that you need… It's as simple as doing 100 squats before bed, 50 pushups on the go anywhere, or calf raises in the shower. If nothing else, stretch whenever you can to get the blood moving! On eating right (And supplements) Everybody-and I mean everybody-knows what is good or bad for you. Yet, the most asked question is what one should eat! The basics are simple: stay away from fried stuff , sugar, butter and control the carbs. Eating smaller, more frequent meals, drinking lots of water works best, but you must follow them diligently. My protein powder of choice is Myofusion. I also use Glutamine, omega 3, multivitams, Vit C, Liv 52, ZMA (before bed), and a powerful antioxidant. On doubling your confidence If you don't have a vacuum in your life, your chances of greatness will be limited. Once you look at your shortcomings as an opportunity, you will be fearless in your attack. The two magic words that I use are 'initiative' and 'consistency.' The only time you can take the step towards change is now. Even if they're baby steps, start today! Consistency is important because you must make time to work on your goals. Even if there is little you can do, you must! One writer used to sit on his desk every day for three hours and didn't write a single word for 40 years. Today, he is one of the most famous authors in the world. On the importance of self A sad, depressed, bitter man can never make anyone happy. You have to be at peace with yourself first. You have to be your No 1. Make yourself the priority, and almost magically, you will be more present for others' needs and have more time for yourself. On ambition versus duty The young Indian man's predicament is unique. Should he follow the footsteps of his family and sacrifice his bigger ambitions? I feel that in such situations, it's the parents who need counseling, and a refresher course to help them change their mindsets. Every person has an inner calling. You can guide them and point out the risks, even push them in a particular direction. But eventually, parents must align themselves with their child's desires and support him or her unconditionally. Two jobs, one formula-H.Ro's mantra to losing fat and gaining muscle. 1. Gaining weight and losing fat have a few common basics. Here are the general guidelines I follow… 2. With a slow metabolism, it's impossible to achieve either goal. So eat every three hours (don't go hungry for a minute more!) 3. Drink at least four litres of water every day. 4. Start your day with cardio, do weights on two days, then take one day off . Do light cardio post your weights session, and also on off days. 5. Building muscle will speed fat loss. 6. Consistency is the key. Even if you do less but do it every day, you will definitely see results.