25 years in Bollywood, the passions unchanged

Published On: 2014-10-22

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After 25 years in Bollywood, the passion’s unchanged for Rakesh Roshan

Source: DNA By: Aakanksha Naval-Shetye Date: Aug 9, 2012 Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan has completed more than four decades in the industry, but it’s his turn as a director 25 years ago that has been more defining for him. What makes it all the more special to Roshan is that he is directing son actor Hrithik in the superhit franchise Krissh 3. In an exclusive interview with DNA, he talks about his journey so far, working with beta and the changing movie dynamics... How would you describe your 25 years as a director in the industry? Rewarding in more ways than one (smiles). But my biggest achievement has been to be able to work at my own pace and run my own race. All my films have explored different subjects and I have taken the risks. How has your approach to films changed in all these years? Nothing’s changed (smiles). I am still as nervous on the first day of my shoots as I was on the sets of my directorial debut Khudgarz in 1987. I still have that honesty and sincerity. The passion, the hunger and love for films is intact. So how important is success to you? It gives you the confidence to take more risks and to continue making films on your own terms. But it also brings with it a lot of responsibilities. So, I want to give something new to my audience and over the years have done so without resorting to vulgar jokes or any such formula. You have not worked with any other actor since Kaho Na Pyaar Hai with Hrithik… I am a proud dad, but I am also a filmmaker. When Hrithik brings to the table everything that a director wants in an actor, why would I look around? SRK, Aamir Akshay, Salman are all equally professional, but Hrithik, my brother Rajesh Roshan (music director) and me as director-producer are the strong pillars at home. How’s your equation with Hrithik as a father, and director? As a director, I’m a tough task master and Hrithik surrenders completely to a director. So in that, he’s a dream to work with. But as a son, he’s more of a friend and I’m really proud of him. There are times when I look at his films and know that as an actor, I could never have pulled off what he does. What are the changes in the industry dynamics over the years? Well, the silver jubilee has gone. Earlier we had 28 shows in a week. Today we have that many in a day. So the multiplex culture has been the biggest change.