Hrithik makes an exception!

Published On: 2014-12-04

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Hrithik makes an exception!



Source: DNA India 

Date: January 10, 2013 



On his birthday, the hottest Bolly star plans to stay off from work to spend the entire day with his family For the past few years, Hrithik Roshan has worked on almost all his birthdays. But the star may finally make an exception, and take a break today. “The shooting for Krrish 3 has wrapped up and work on Bang Bang doesn’t start until February-end. So, I won’t be shooting today. But the post-production work on Krrish 3 is still on. So, I don’t know if I really will be able to stay away from that. Considering the kind of film Krrish 3 is, the work has only just begun,” shares Hrithik. As for the celebrations today, the actor - who was slated to bring in his birthday with a big bash last night - reveals that there’s a havan at home in the morning, and later a get-together with a bunch of close friends. Will it be a special affair today? “Everyone always makes it one for sure,” he says. 


The actor has recently returned from a fun family vacation. “We had a lovely time, though being the ‘general manager’ of the trip also makes you tired. I feel I could do with another vacation,” he laughs. Last year ended on a high note for the star. Besides Agneepath’s success at the box-office, with it entering the Rs100-crore league, Hrithik also attended the International Film Festival at Marrakech, and was voted the Sexiest Asian Man in the World. “I have put on a couple of kilos over the past few days, so that Sexiest Asian title looks like a thing of the past. It feels like a lie,” laughs Hrithik. On a serious note he adds, “I need to get back to my work-outs soon. As for being the sexiest, I don’t know... it’s kind of embarrassing. I mean, it’s a beautiful compliment, and I thank them for it, but being sexy is not a big deal, especially when you know the amount of hard work that goes into acquiring that kind of body. After going through that grind, the compliment is at best motivating, but it’s not like a chip on your shoulder,” says Hrithik. And what does he feel about Holly hottie Kristen Stewart wanting her baby’s eyes to look like his? “That was really sweet of her. It was a sweet compliment and it almost felt like a big warm hug,” smiles the sexy star.