You can shape your destiny : Hrithik

Published On: 2014-12-05

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Source: Mid Day 

Date: January 10, 2013 



AS HRITHIK ROSHAN TURNS A YEAR OLDER TODAY, HE SPILLS THE BEANS ON HIS BIRTHDAY WISHES AND HIS FAVOURITE GIFTS He turns 39 today and just like a regular guy, Hrithik Roshan too is excited about his birthday. A firm believer in destiny, the actor hopes for good health this year more than anything else. An excerpt from an interview: 



How do you plan to celebrate the day? 


So much love has been pouring in on me from my family, friends and my fans. I would like to call this day — Give You Back Day. I want to gift back a lot of love to everyone. 



What is your birthday wish for the year? 


I’m a firm believer that you make your own destiny and everything is in your hands. You can shape your destiny only if you have health on your side. I only wish for good health for my family and my kids. 



What gifts have you received? 


My wife ( Sussanne) has organised and invited me to a party, which I’m really looking forward to. I’m also looking forward to the cards and the drawings that my kids make for me every year. 



And what about the return gifts? 


Yes, I’m planning to spend most of my day with my kids and family somewhere quiet. I will take them for dinner in the night. 



The muscle man! 


Hrithik maybe wishing for the best of health this year, but looks like he is already in top shape! At a recent calendar launch, all eyes were on the star when he walked in to grace the event. The actor was accompanied by his fitness trainer Kris Gethin and lavished praise on him. He said, “I have realised that fitness is like meditation. For the past one year I am working out regularly in the gym and eating the right stuff. But understanding your body is like getting an education in itself. And I am glad to have a guide like Kris in my life. All the credit goes to him.” Not only has he been captured by the camera for the calendar, Hrithik apparently loves to take pictures himself. The star says, “It is something that I have not pursued actively. I have a couple of professional cameras at home. But whenever I am behind the lens, I love to click portraits of people around me. Faces and emotions are so interesting.”